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Blast Off

I love my empowering questions. Asking them is like drop-kicking myself into the field of infinite possibility. These questions disengage the mind’s fear-based mental banter that is the prelude to all feel-bad.


Are You Talking To Me?

When the mind asks a question, it jumps ahead to automatically assume that it must also contemplate, surmise, figure out or reason the answer. That’s exactly NOT how asking yourself empowering questions work.

The key is to ask the question and wait for a response to rise independently from within. Ask it like you would a rhetorical question. The idea is to let higher Intelligence answer, not the thinking mind. Ask, and let it go. Ask, and watch what happens.


Using My Tools

When I use empowering questions first thing in the morning, they kick in like personal rocket fuel, and change the whole trajectory of my day. Many times in undeniable and feel-great ways.

I notice that great ideas pop in, and realizations that keep me cool, calm and collected. I even notice unexpected, serendipitous events. I see stuff happening FOR me rather than BY me. Stuff outside of the same old memorized behaviors. When I notice new or different things happening, that’s a confirmation that I am using my tools, and tapping into higher Intelligence. This tells the mind that the universe has my back.


Morning Rocket Fuel Ritual:

  1. Today, how can I get and stay motivated?

  2. How can today be easy, effortless and ENJOYABLE?

  3. How can (today or a situation) turn out better than I ever imagined?


I invite you to try using these 3 empowering morning questions to create your own personal rocket fuel, and share your delicious results in the comments below!


Power Questions.

Use your tools.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I will use my tools to create my own personal rocket fuel.


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