Asleep At The Wheel?

Sometimes things seem complicated. The Truth is always simple. In this world there is only Consciousness and unconsciousness. This is the simplistic bottom line. 
I am Consciousness, housed in a body, using a thinking mind. I am not my body or my thinking mind. I use my mind to carry out technical tasks. Well, if that’s all I did with my mind, life would be easy and effortless. Things get sticky because as we have our life experiences, the filter that is the thinking mind is labeling and judging. The mind is constantly contemplating and making decisions. This is not the mind’s job. This is where we veer off our road into rough terrain. 
When I become immersed in my thoughts, I’m unconscious. I’m no longer using the mind as the tool it was meant to be. The tool is now using me. In believing my thoughts without question, comes the inherent and perpetual possibility of discomfort or suffering. This is unconsciousness. It’s like swimming with sharks. You may have a great uninterrupted swim and in the very next moment you may get a limb ripped off. 
The first step I practice is to notice my thoughts. When I notice the thinking mind as the Observer, I free myself. I wake up. My second step is practicing silence, or no thinking. If I can do it for just two or three seconds, this means I can do it. The more I practice this, the easier the practice, and life itself, gets. 
Now, with my mind quiet, I have a much better chance of hearing my inner Guidance, or that which I am, Consciousness. From this place comes the inherent and perpetual possibility of experiencing my own heaven on earth, and as a by-product, a new world. 
Stay awake. Now let’s go have some fun. 😉

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