How do you connect with who you really Are, via who you think you are?  

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Plug In

I used to think intelligence was being knowledgeable. I now know Intelligence can only be found in alignment with the present moment. Plug in.

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Happy Guts

I’m sure most people have heard the prayer, “How can I help, how can I serve?” I don’t know about you, but I always thought that was me speaking to God, or some Omnipotence outside of myself. I’ve come to learn that this prayer, this mantra, is most powerful in the realization that it’s actually […]

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Ah Come On, You Can Do It

Easier said than done! Still, we try. We try to turn off our thoughts in lieu of that silent magical bliss. But remember, what resists, persists. Try this new two-step dance and see if it helps: -Unconditional acceptance -Be the Observer While meditating, be the Observer. Rather than resisting thought, be in acceptance of whatever […]

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Having Difficulty?

That’s all well and good, but how exactly can I use that to affect my life experience? The first thing I notice is that if I think that doing something about a difficult situation is the solution, I’m missing the point. The point is to recognize the gift. An opportunity for growth, freedom, expansion. Yea, […]

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Authentic Living with Gina Charles.

The Small Stuff

 Ask Yourself: Will this be important at the end of the day? Will it be important in a week, a month, a year? Will it be important in the end?  Don’t let upsets and annoyances in life rob your precious attention, your FOCUS.  Energy goes to what you focus on.  Pay attention to the things that […]

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My thinking mind is a tool

My thinking mind is a tool to that which I Am.

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Flying Without a Net

Living life like you’re flying without a net is one of the scariest things we can do. ..And it’s the only way to fly.

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Visit The New Shift Happens Facebook Page! Please stop by and LIKE the new facebook page! The posts will include quotes from the book, written on witty and memorable images. Please feel free to save the images that inspire you, or to share them with your facebook friends. Here’s to Shift Happening for you! ….one Ah-Ha moment at a time. Shift […]

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