Hey, I’m Not a Doormat!

Did you ever feel like you were being taken advantage of? If you have, and it seems to have become apattern, …..that’s good! Yeah, good. Good because it’s a sign post…it’s a red flag….it’s like an alarm going off saying, “Look here! Look here! There’s something here for you.”  What is it? It’s an Ah-ha moment, a […]

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I'm Disconnected - Plug me in!

I’m Disconnected – Plug me in!

If I am (mentally) always over there – over there in what other’s think, feel, say, do or want, I’m not here, with myself. I’m not here to put my focus on what I think, feel, say, do or want. I have abandoned me.  If I pay my Attention to what I feel, think, want […]

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