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3 Empowering Questions To Jump Start Your Day

  Blast Off I love my empowering questions. Asking them is like drop-kicking myself into the field of infinite possibility. These questions disengage the mind’s fear-based mental banter that is the prelude to all feel-bad.   Are You Talking To Me? When the mind asks a question, it jumps ahead to automatically assume that it […]

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Intuition trumps reasoning. Authentic living and spiritual growth with Gina Charles

Reasoning Or Intuition?

Reasoning guesses. Intuition knows. Are you reasoning or intuiting your life?

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Time spent meditating. Authentic living with Gina Charles

Evolution Is Calling

We are living at a time of evolutionary change. We are on this ride at a minute to midnight. We will awaken, or it’s likely we will experience a rough ride.

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Problems and Conscious expansion with Gina Charles

The Promise Of Your Problems

What if problems weren’t just bad luck and something to be avoided? Don’t throw out the lemonade with the lemons. There’s Promise in Your Problems.

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Authentic change, from the book FUEL Your LIfe by Gina Charles

Authentic Change

We desperately want change. We’re out there making one effort after the next, yet we’re chasing our tail. Here’s how to experience authentic change.

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Thought, Authentic living, spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles

Thought: Are You In The Box?

From where are you living your life? Thought is the limitation within which I have this human experience. Life wants out of the box.

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Finding Your Heart’s Desire

Are you longing for something you can’t seem to find? Follow the scent of your own feel-good to find your heart’s desire.

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Authentic living and spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles

Positive Thinking: The Valley Of Faux Mercy

Positive Thinking: The Valley Of Faux Mercy. There’s something more, there’s something better.

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Authentic living and spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles

Turn Down The Static, Turn Up The Guidance

What’s preventing you from hearing your own Guidance? How to turn down that static, and turn up the Guidance.

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Authentic Living with Gina Charles. Awareness, Conscious Expansion beyond mindfulness

Awareness Rising

Are you recognizing thought in a new way? Your Awareness may be rising.

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