Conscious expansion, our reality vs. actual Reality,spiritual awakening with Gina Charles.

Which Reality Are You Experiencing?

2 Ways I’ve noticed that in this place of duality, there are 2 ways to do, be or have everything, because we have 2 states of being. We are either Aware of our bigger picture, or we are submersed in unnoticed, unexamined thoughts and beliefs.     The Messenger Luckily, the messenger of  feel-bad shows […]

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Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Summon the Universe

How To Summon The Universe

Is there some kind of incantation or metaphysical bat signal to summon help from the Universe? Is there a way to call forth Providence and his sister Serendipity to ask for a leg up? There is something that I can do to tap into the support and guidance of the Universe. It’s an innate ability, […]

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What is Awakening and Authentic Living?

  The Human Experience Here we are, floating in and around each others lives. We experience this place, and each other, from within a world of our own. A world confined to overlooked, unexamined and unnecessary thought. The good news is, we can trade all this for an Authentic life experience.     What Awakening […]

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Trust Life

  Trust Life. That saying is so cliche. But have you ever gone beyond understanding the definition of the words and really tried it?  Have you ever had a wordless hunch about something and followed it wholeheartedly, with your inner arms wide open, no questions asked? Have you ever recognized a blessing in disguise BEFORE […]

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Go FUEL Yourself

FUEL Up    We all have fear-based, untrue thoughts and hold mistaken beliefs from time to time. That’s natural and common.   But you don’t have to believe them.   The good news is, we are capable of seeing through these untruths. Our freedom lies in doing so.   You’ve been wearing the ruby slippers […]

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Gina Charles New World Living Wake up and live

Develop Your Superpowers

According to researches including the National Science Foundation, it is estimated that we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s roughly 2,000 to 2,900 thoughts per hour, or 35 to 49 thoughts per minute. As remarkable as those numbers seem, I believe that for most of us those numbers are even higher. Maybe […]

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New World by Gina Charles. Authentic living for body, mind and soul.

Change Your World

  The New Way You can start with the small things. Notice what you really like or prefer, without exception or reason, and share those truths in a pleasant way, even if it is just with yourself.   It’s not about getting your way, it’s about finding your way. -Gina Charles Put Your Silent Focus […]

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Power Questions: Blast Off - Authentic Living with Gina Charles

3 Empowering Questions To Jump Start Your Day

  Blast Off I love my empowering questions. Asking them is like drop-kicking myself into the field of infinite possibility. These questions disengage the mind’s fear-based mental banter that is the prelude to all feel-bad.   Are You Talking To Me? When the mind asks a question, it jumps ahead to automatically assume that it […]

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Intuition trumps reasoning. Authentic living and spiritual growth with Gina Charles

Reasoning Or Intuition?

Reasoning guesses. Intuition knows. Are you reasoning or intuiting your life?

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Time spent meditating. Authentic living with Gina Charles

Evolution Is Calling

We are living at a time of evolutionary change. We are on this ride at a minute to midnight. We will awaken, or it’s likely we will experience a rough ride.

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