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Mantz & Mitchell Talk Transformation With Gina Charles on Alternative Talk Radio

Check out this hour of empowerment as Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell talk to Gina Charles about Authentic living and transformation, on KKNW 1150 Alternative Talk Radio.

Happiness is the new rich.

Inner peace is the new success.

Health is the new wealth.

Kindness is the new cool.

Listen in:

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~You are meant for amazing things.~ 

BOOKS by Gina Charles:
FUEL Your Life

Shift Happens

Connect with GINA CHARLES 
Authentic Living with Gina Charles




If you’d like to schedule an Authentic Living PRIVATE SESSION, drop me a note here:



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Sara Troy Interviews Gina Charles on Self Discovery Radio

Listen In!

Feeling stuck, running in place? Or do you find yourself in the middle of major change? Learn to read the sign posts of your life and baby-step your way to the life that’s waiting for you. The Universe does rise to meet you. Learn how.


It’s time to get unstuck & let shift happen.


Sara Troy on Self Discovery Radio focuses on showcasing the work that people and organizations are doing globally, in helping to redirect the world to live a more meaningful and liberating life.

Authentic Living with  Gina Charles interview on Self Discovery Radio .com with Sara Troy

Listen in to this powerful interview where Sara Troy and Gina Charles discuss what it’s like to change direction in life, live Authentically, and create Authentic transformation through self-empowerment.


Click the orange play button below to listen:



You can also listen directly on the Self Discovery Radio Website: Click here to check it out. 


If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


iBooks and iTunes US

iBooks and iTunes UK

FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video


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Dare To Be Authentic

FUEL Your Life, Change Your Life

Join me TODAY on Amazing Women of Power Radio. I am a guest on the Dare To Be Authentic Radio Show with host Mari Mitchell Porter. I will be talking about authentic living and I will share FUEL Your Life, my own living meditation for living our best, authentic lives.


 6/10/13 at 1:30pm & 7:30pm EST.

UPDATE: After yesterday’s show, two encores of the show have been added for Tuesday 6/11/13 at 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM EST

The show will also air on Sat. 6/15 at 11:30am


This show is live only.

Unfortunately there is no public access to archived shows. 

For more information on FUEL Your Life, click HERE.

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Shift Happens On Enlightening Radio

Join Gina Charles as she joins Enlightening Radio with Christine Andrew for some life-changing conversation!

Not quite sure where your life is heading or what you’re really doing? Today’s show is for you in particular but everyone can benefit from today’s lively, engaging conversation with author and illustrator Gina Charles. We consider her a new friend and we just know you’ll love her as much as we did!

Gina is the author and illustrator of her book, Shift Happens: A Layperson’s Guide to Awakening and it is wonderful! There really are things you can do to help steer your life in the direction you desire and Gina helps us walk through that and more.

We’re talking about shifting, about thoughts and beliefs, and ultimately about our consciousness and becoming more awakened in our lives! Listen in!

For more information about Gina and her books (new one out this summer!) please visit her at

Listen in here:

A special thanks to you, Christine Andrew, for all of your important work, and for the opportunity to enjoy our inspiring conversation! I had a lot of fun – you’re a blast! Thanks for staying awake with me. ;)



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How To Live Mindfully

Listen in on the What Women Want To Talk About Podcast:

How To Live A Mindful Lifestyle

Kelly Orchard talks to Gina Charles

Kelly Orchard talks to Gina Charles in an info-packed 15 minutes, highlighting how to practice mindful living, on the…


What Women Want to Talk About Podcast: Episode 11.

Click here to listen in!

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