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Gina Charles on the Express Podcast with Gary Alan

New World by Gina Charles. Authentic living for body, mind and soul. FUEL Your Life A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening Book

Check out this hour of self-empowerment as Gary Alan interviews Gina Charles on the transformative effects of Authentic Living, on The Express Podcast.

Gina Charles interview on FUELing Your Life on  The Express Podcast with Gary Alan

Gina Charles talks FUELing Your Life on The Express Podcast with Gary Alan

Listen in:

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Sara Troy Interviews Gina Charles on Self Discovery Radio

Listen In!

Feeling stuck, running in place? Or do you find yourself in the middle of major change? Learn to read the sign posts of your life and baby-step your way to the life that’s waiting for you. The Universe does rise to meet you. Learn how.


It’s time to get unstuck & let shift happen.


Sara Troy on Self Discovery Radio focuses on showcasing the work that people and organizations are doing globally, in helping to redirect the world to live a more meaningful and liberating life.

Authentic Living with  Gina Charles interview on Self Discovery Radio .com with Sara Troy

Listen in to this powerful interview where Sara Troy and Gina Charles discuss what it’s like to change direction in life, live Authentically, and create Authentic transformation through self-empowerment.


Click the orange play button below to listen:



You can also listen directly on the Self Discovery Radio Website: Click here to check it out. 


If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video


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Rescue Yourself: Find The Hole In Your Boat


One day I noticed that in my mind, I lived in a dangerous place. A place where the unknown is scary and the way things looked, I may not make it. I may not make it to the end of the month with enough money. I may not make a deadline. I may not be able to keep up with….get, find, create….whatever. It’s a feel-bad space. And now, I’ve noticed how often I live there.






Rescue yourself - Authentic Living with Gina Charles

One day I noticed that in my mind, I occasionally lived in a safe and secure place. A place where the unknown is exciting and the way things looked I may make it with flying colors. I may have extra money, and smack something down before a deadline. I can keep up with….get, find, create….whatever. It’s a feel-good space. And now, I’ve noticed how infrequently I live there.






Why? Why would I live from the feel-bad space more often than not?


One day I noticed that in my mind, the mind had a hard time letting things be easy.



Rescue yourself. Authentic living with Gina Charles.

And there was the hole in my boat.


You can’t fix a leak if you don’t know where it’s coming from. So, noticing is always the first step in finding a hole in your own boat.





When the program finally sees itself, that’s when you can make authentic change.



Practice being the eyewitness to thought.


Call Yourself Out

Inside yourself, honestly take responsibility for your experience, and realize that it’s between you and your unmonitored thinking that dictates your outcomes and life experiences.


Do Something Differently

This is the part that begins to rewrite the bad programming. Any time that you notice the “pull” of the mind to do the feel-bad thinking, do something differently. Sit with it wordlessly, sing a song, focus on something feel-good, etc. Anything you do in that moment, apart from give in to the mental “pull”, you are putting a nice dent in that bad programming. Even if you only do it for a few seconds at a time, here and there. All those seconds add up to create authentic change. Baby steps get you free.



Today, I will notice the mind splashing around in feel-bad thought, and instead, I will let things be easy.





If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video


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Trust Life



Trust Life. That saying is so cliche. But have you ever gone beyond understanding the definition of the words and really tried it? 

Have you ever had a wordless hunch about something and followed it wholeheartedly, with your inner arms wide open, no questions asked?

Have you ever recognized a blessing in disguise BEFORE the big reveal, and just went with the flow no matter how muddy it seemed to get?

If you have had these or similar experiences, then you have gone beyond the mere definition of words, and have connected with your own power.


This is LIVING Trust.


Going beyond understanding trust into living it, is Authentic living. The best part of stepping out of your comfort zone into Authentic living, is the magic it generates. Serendipitous events pop up. Great ideas pop in. And sometimes you recognize the Universe rising to meet you.


So, trust Life.

It’s free.

You’re worth it.


Any reason to not do it, is a fear-based lie. Accept what the thinking mind offers, and question your way out. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to try something new. It’s time to wake up in our own lives.



Today I will step out of the comfort zone of mental definitions, into EXPERIENCING my life.




For more on Authentic living, see books by Gina Charles on:

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What To Do If You Can’t Get Over It

It happened, but it’s not happening right now, and yet you’re still hurting.

While mentally submersed in a painful story, you suffer. Mentally detached from the story, you are free.



The mind’s unwillingness to see beyond the story is the resistance that holds you captive. Be willing to see a bigger picture, recognizing what the mind may have overlooked. Giving even just one of the following practices a shot, may be just the crowbar the mind’s resistance needs.


Flow Emotions

Flowing Emotion is not a retelling of a story.  This practice entails witnessing wordless emotion at the same time you are experiencing it. You may momentarily grieve, mourn or sob. Watch it. Do not fall into the story. Allow emotion to rise and melt away, all in mental silence. The transformed energy is personal rocket fuel.


Accept Unconditionally

Acceptance does not mean you like or agree with whatever happened. It simply means that you accept that it did happen. This frees up the energy being wasting on resistance, to be better used elsewhere. In acceptance, you open the door to miracles. Go with the flow, because the flow goes toward your authentic freedom, healing and happiness.


Be The Eyewitness

Intend to wake up to the thoughts romping through your head. Notice them. This empowers you to recognize untrue thoughts. It enables you to discard thoughts that do not serve, rather than just have and believe unnoticed, feel-bad thinking. It allows you to put out the fire, instead of getting lost in fighting the smoke. Be the Eyewitness to thought.


Practice Lucidity

To be lucid is to mentally step out of the perpetual mental commentary. It is to experience the present moment with a quiet mind. Lucidity is a direct connection to Guidance, and to your own power, Self. To be Lucid is to perceive without analytical evaluation. Lucidity is a living meditation.


Rinse and Repeat

You possess the innate ability to experience each practice. Choose FOR you, you’re worth it.

Rinse and repeat until realizations rise up independently from within, and pain and suffering fall away. Rest assured, somewhere in what hurts lies the gift of growth and empowerment.


Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Hurt - What to do if you can't get over it.


EMPOWERMENT: Reach inside of hurt and learn from it, emerging free and empowered, like a phoenix from ashes.


If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


Find books by Gina Charles at:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


iBooks and iTunes US

iBooks and iTunes UK

FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video


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The Ride

What would today be like outside of memorized thought and rote behavior?

…It’s waiting for you.

Authentic Living with Gina Charles


 For more on enjoying your ride, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT Happens. ;)

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How To Live Authentically



A PREMISE – a filter through which we view our lives. This week I may see everything through the filter of an over-packed schedule. Next month I may view my life through the filter of being unemployed, or the coming holidays, or worthlessness.

This taints my experience by limiting my perception of my own sign-posts and Truths. It’s my sign-posts, or Guidance, that knows the route to the life of my dreams. I’m trying to go that way.

What would it be like to experience life directly, with out the filter of thought?

What’ll happen is I’ll have a DIRECT CONNECTION. So what does that mean? It means I’ll have an AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE.




A DIRECT CONNECTION is to experience your life without the filter of thought.

An AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE is the deliciousness you came  here for.

If your mind immediately thought about all the wonderfully enhanced, direct-connection encounters you could have with your heart’s desire, then good on you. If you immediately thought about all the crap that makes you want to run and hide, fear not.

In the space of an AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE, you’d be present. You’d be outside of any story, with unconditional acceptance. It would be natural, easy, automatic. In this space of Consciousness, there is no pain and suffering. You’d have to fall back into a mental thought, opinion, judgement, evaluation, or story to experience pain and suffering. You’re not trying to go that way.

So what’s a thinking mind to do?….



F – FLOW your emotions.


E – Be the EYEWITNESS to thought.

L – Practice LUCIDITY, or being present in the moment outside of unnecessary thought.


FUEL Your Life is a four-point living meditation, woven into the fabric of my everyday life. It is an empowerment designed to support me in accessing an Authentic life experience. It’s more than just additional self-growth, or spiritual information, because these are concepts that I can actually live. It is a practice based on four simple truths, and I can do it anywhere, at anytime. Literally. No matter where I am, if my thinking mind is there, I can do it.

Feel free to give it a whirl.

More, from the new book FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening,  to be released in February 2015!

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Holy Shift


I used to think surrender meant giving up. The connotation reeked of failure. Surrendering to anything felt like backing down, or caving in. My thinking mind considered surrender a dirty word, while my drive and commitment ate surrender for breakfast. Well, that’s before I understood what it really meant.

In surrendering resistance, I shift into the space of serendipity and divine providence.

Surrender, in a spiritual context, is more like off-loading my to-do list. I get to drop worry and fear-based action, in exchange for the peaceful power of a lucid moment. Resistance can not exist in the space of unconditional acceptance. Surrendering into the unconditional acceptance of the present moment, opens my door to miracles. In surrendering resistance, I shift into the space of serendipity and divine providence.

I now realize the difference between going after something, and something coming to me. Surrendering into unconditional acceptance is what bridges that gap. Unconditional acceptance is surrendering my thinking mind’s desire to constantly control it all, even in so much as an approval or disapproval.

Each time I surrender into unconditional acceptance, something good happens.

Each time I surrender into unconditional acceptance, something good happens. I know that’s a big statement, and this has been my experience. Allowing myself to step outside of my comfort zone by relinquishing unnecessary mental control, has yielded unsurpassed growth, and unexpected joy.


Today I will surrender into the serendipity and divine providence of what is.


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Dare To Be Authentic

FUEL Your Life, Change Your Life

Join me TODAY on Amazing Women of Power Radio. I am a guest on the Dare To Be Authentic Radio Show with host Mari Mitchell Porter. I will be talking about authentic living and I will share FUEL Your Life, my own living meditation for living our best, authentic lives.


 6/10/13 at 1:30pm & 7:30pm EST.

UPDATE: After yesterday’s show, two encores of the show have been added for Tuesday 6/11/13 at 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM EST

The show will also air on Sat. 6/15 at 11:30am


This show is live only.

Unfortunately there is no public access to archived shows. 

For more information on FUEL Your Life, click HERE.

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What’s Happening?

Today I will practice unconditional acceptance.

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