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The Ride

What would today be like outside of memorized thought and rote behavior?

…It’s waiting for you.

Authentic Living with Gina Charles


 For more on enjoying your ride, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT Happens. ;)

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How To Live Authentically



A PREMISE – a filter through which we view our lives. This week I may see everything through the filter of an over-packed schedule. Next month I may view my life through the filter of being unemployed, or the coming holidays, or worthlessness.

This taints my experience by limiting my perception of my own sign-posts and Truths. It’s my sign-posts, or Guidance, that knows the route to the life of my dreams. I’m trying to go that way.

What would it be like to experience life directly, with out the filter of thought?

What’ll happen is I’ll have a DIRECT CONNECTION. So what does that mean? It means I’ll have an AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE.




A DIRECT CONNECTION is to experience your life without the filter of thought.

An AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE is the deliciousness you came  here for.

If your mind immediately thought about all the wonderfully enhanced, direct-connection encounters you could have with your heart’s desire, then good on you. If you immediately thought about all the crap that makes you want to run and hide, fear not.

In the space of an AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE, you’d be present. You’d be outside of any story, with unconditional acceptance. It would be natural, easy, automatic. In this space of Consciousness, there is no pain and suffering. You’d have to fall back into a mental thought, opinion, judgement, evaluation, or story to experience pain and suffering. You’re not trying to go that way.

So what’s a thinking mind to do?….



F – FLOW your emotions.


E – Be the EYEWITNESS to thought.

L – Practice LUCIDITY, or being present in the moment outside of unnecessary thought.


FUEL Your Life is a four-point living meditation, woven into the fabric of my everyday life. It is an empowerment designed to support me in accessing an Authentic life experience. It’s more than just additional self-growth, or spiritual information, because these are concepts that I can actually live. It is a practice based on four simple truths, and I can do it anywhere, at anytime. Literally. No matter where I am, if my thinking mind is there, I can do it.

Feel free to give it a whirl.

More, from the new book FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening,  to be released in February 2015!

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Holy Shift


I used to think surrender meant giving up. The connotation reeked of failure. Surrendering to anything felt like backing down, or caving in. My thinking mind considered surrender a dirty word, while my drive and commitment ate surrender for breakfast. Well, that’s before I understood what it really meant.

In surrendering resistance, I shift into the space of serendipity and divine providence.

Surrender, in a spiritual context, is more like off-loading my to-do list. I get to drop worry and fear-based action, in exchange for the peaceful power of a lucid moment. Resistance can not exist in the space of unconditional acceptance. Surrendering into the unconditional acceptance of the present moment, opens my door to miracles. In surrendering resistance, I shift into the space of serendipity and divine providence.

I now realize the difference between going after something, and something coming to me. Surrendering into unconditional acceptance is what bridges that gap. Unconditional acceptance is surrendering my thinking mind’s desire to constantly control it all, even in so much as an approval or disapproval.

Each time I surrender into unconditional acceptance, something good happens.

Each time I surrender into unconditional acceptance, something good happens. I know that’s a big statement, and this has been my experience. Allowing myself to step outside of my comfort zone by relinquishing unnecessary mental control, has yielded unsurpassed growth, and unexpected joy.


Today I will surrender into the serendipity and divine providence of what is.


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Dare To Be Authentic

FUEL Your Life, Change Your Life

Join me TODAY on Amazing Women of Power Radio. I am a guest on the Dare To Be Authentic Radio Show with host Mari Mitchell Porter. I will be talking about authentic living and I will share FUEL Your Life, my own living meditation for living our best, authentic lives.


 6/10/13 at 1:30pm & 7:30pm EST.

UPDATE: After yesterday’s show, two encores of the show have been added for Tuesday 6/11/13 at 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM EST

The show will also air on Sat. 6/15 at 11:30am


This show is live only.

Unfortunately there is no public access to archived shows. 

For more information on FUEL Your Life, click HERE.

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What’s Happening?

Today I will practice unconditional acceptance.

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How To Live Mindfully

Listen in on the What Women Want To Talk About Podcast:

How To Live A Mindful Lifestyle

Kelly Orchard talks to Gina Charles

Kelly Orchard talks to Gina Charles in an info-packed 15 minutes, highlighting how to practice mindful living, on the…


What Women Want to Talk About Podcast: Episode 11.

Click here to listen in!

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Recognizing A WakeUp Call

Authentic living with Gina Charles. The further away from Self we drift, the bigger the wakeup call.

This life experience is the journey back to Self. The current of the journey only flows one way, toward our highest good…AKA the life of our dreams….AKA Self. When unnoticed, unexamined thought is in charge, we begin to drift away from Self. The Universe/God/Source comes to the rescue to tap us on the shoulder to wake us up. Wakeup calls usually come in the form of something that will get our attention, something that feels bad or seems painful. 


The further away from Self we drift, the bigger the wakeup call.


When I feel bad, I notice. I now wake up, and realize I’ve momentarily fallen submersed into thought, where 1 of 2 things are happening:


  • I’m either believing an untruth, or

  •  I’m in resistance to something.


It is at this moment of clarity that I change course, and resume going with the flow, where what feels bad falls away. I wordlessly allow emotion to come and go, I practice unconditional acceptance, I become the eyewitness to thought instead of just having and believing thought, and I exercise Lucidity, or I perceive without the mental commentary. I FUEL up:


F – Flow emotion
Today I will live my life from the inside out.

U – Accept Unconditionally
Today I will make reality my friend and teacher.

E – Be the Eyewitness
Today I will be the eyewitness to thought, so that I may discard those that do not serve.

L – Step into Lucidity
Today I will practice lucidity, so that I may connect to Guidance, Intuition and Life itself.



Have you noticed any wakeup calls in your life lately?

Don’t shoot the messenger. Everything serves. ;)



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