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FUEL Your Life

Gina Charles After almost 4 years, I am so pleased to present my new book, FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening. I have written it with the hope that whoever reads it, comes away with self-empowerment greater than they have known.

Writing it became an invaluable practice of surrender for me. I learned that when I relinquished the mind’s desire to create something, that I witnessed the book become something. It took awhile for my mind to learn that the magical journey begins when the mind shows up and asks, “How can I help, how can I serve?”  There were two ways to write this book. Now I know, and I practice living at the ready. Let the magic begin. ;) 

FUEL Your Life, A 4- Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening

CLICK HERE to view the FUEL Your Life Video Trailer or read an excerpt of the book.


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A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To A Life Purpose


For the past several years I had been hot on the lookout for my elusive life purpose. I had already spent many years of my life doing what I believed I was meant to do, until it was time for me to move on from that, to something new. I never anticipated doing anything new. I didn’t know how to do that.

In an attempt to find the spot I am meant to stand in, I read books, meditated, filled notebooks with written exercises, tried new things and even went back to school. Every time I thought I was getting close to identifying what my new life purpose could be, my new endeavor would turn a bit sour and the trail would run cold. I felt like I was running in place.

I worked on listening for and deciphering the steps my Guidance was urging me to take. It took some time to get my thinking mind to stop trying to identify each step I took, and in haste, label it as some kind of new career, or life purpose. I worked on letting go, and going with the flow, even if I had no idea where it would lead.

I decided to “surrender” to the Universe and to my Higher Self. I didn’t want my thinking mind to decide what my life purpose should be by conjuring one up with nothing more than its logical deduction. After all, a thinking mind never knows for sure. I believed that no matter what my purpose is, once I find it, I will know it by the vast joy I feel, no matter what it turns out to be. My Higher Self is the one that holds the GPS to my best life. It’s holding the compass to what makes my heart sing. And what makes my heart sing are the sign posts that lead to the life of my dreams. I wanted one of those.

I attended a weekend workshop with the intent of eliminating the obstacles, if any, that would account for my seeming stagnation and lack of direction. I wanted to clear my own runway for takeoff. In retrospect, I can see how my experiences during this workshop weekend were all crumbs that led my way home.

A funny thing happened to me on my way to a new life purpose. During one of the workshop exercises we were all lying on the floor on our backs, chanting to music. I had never chanted before, and just went along for the ride, stepping outside of my comfort zone as another means of growth. I could feel the vibration of sound in my chest. I could feel that vibration being blended by means of the blending of our many voices. It was at this moment I experienced something very profound.

Despite having been fervently searching for my life purpose, in this moment I had never before felt more like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The experience went beyond the words I use to describe the knowing that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do, in this moment, lying in a circle on the floor. For it was in that space that I lost myself and experienced being an anonymous part of the whole. This was it, this was home. Being an anonymous part of the whole was the most natural feeling space I had ever been in. I had clicked into place. It was wonderful. No, it was much bigger than wonderful. I felt like a fountain that was overflowing in the most beautiful way. As I experienced what felt like water overflowing, or something pouring out of me, it produced the feeling of elation. Elation was filling me up and spilling over. How could I ever want to be anywhere else?

Happily, the afterglow of this experience stayed with me for a full week. I still had no idea where I was supposed to be, or what I was supposed to be doing. Only this time, it didn’t matter. I was too preoccupied with basking in the lingering elation I had been so vehemently chasing, the elation I believed could only be found in a life purpose. The fear of not finding what I was ultimately looking for was gone. I had been wearing the ruby slippers all along.

I had been going about things backwards. It’s never about the “what.” It’s always about the “how.” No matter what I do in this life, as long as I’m taping into my Source, I will flow the happiness that I am made of into that endeavor.

Imagine that. We spend our lives wondering how we could “achieve” our happiest life, our little “heaven on earth.” Most every one of us, having been pointed in that direction, search outward. My experience told me I had been looking in the wrong places. There is no happiness outside of me.

The degree to which I experience happiness is the degree to which I have touched the happiness that I am. The happiness I experience in this place I call life, is flowed from within, outward. If I am cut off from that place, or can only access a small portion of it, that is the extent to which the happiness will be reflected and experienced in my life. The journey only looks like it’s on the outside of me. The journey is within. This is my life purpose. You’ll now find me traveling an enjoyable ride, where ever it leads, mapped out by my inner GPS, my Guidance. I will be the one wearing the ruby slippers.


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The Dance Of Awakening


  • Intend to witness my thoughts.

  • Actually witness my thoughts.

  • Unwittingly fall back into unconsciousness, submersed in thought.

  • Wake up once again to witnessing my thoughts.

  • Round and round I go. …Now I’m dancing. :)


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Living Life Once Removed


Living submersed in thought unawares, becomes a barrier between me and a direct connection with my life experience. It is a veil between me and the people, places and things in my life. It is what I call “living life once removed.” It is living life inauthentically, or through the collective beliefs and learned behaviors of the thinking mind. Even when those learned behaviors no longer benefit me,or feel good.

When you realize that you are the eyewitness to your stories, as opposed to living submersed in them, you are Awake.

The thoughts themselves are not detrimental. In fact, the actual thoughts are more like floating butterflies, or clouds passing across the sky, or leaves drifting down a river. The detriment of thought lies in believing it. When you realize that you are the eyewitness to your stories, as opposed to living submersed in them, you are Awake. Welcome home.


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Shift Happens On Enlightening Radio

Join Gina Charles as she joins Enlightening Radio with Christine Andrew for some life-changing conversation!

Not quite sure where your life is heading or what you’re really doing? Today’s show is for you in particular but everyone can benefit from today’s lively, engaging conversation with author and illustrator Gina Charles. We consider her a new friend and we just know you’ll love her as much as we did!

Gina is the author and illustrator of her book, Shift Happens: A Layperson’s Guide to Awakening and it is wonderful! There really are things you can do to help steer your life in the direction you desire and Gina helps us walk through that and more.

We’re talking about shifting, about thoughts and beliefs, and ultimately about our consciousness and becoming more awakened in our lives! Listen in!

For more information about Gina and her books (new one out this summer!) please visit her at

Listen in here:

A special thanks to you, Christine Andrew, for all of your important work, and for the opportunity to enjoy our inspiring conversation! I had a lot of fun – you’re a blast! Thanks for staying awake with me. ;)



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Get Used To THAT

Yes, that’s what you have to get used to, feeling GREAT. What does that feel like to you?  Does it feel like big happiness, excitement, fulfillment, confidence? Maybe it’s a combination of different, powerful, feel-good feelings.

Where in your body do you feel it? Can you silently put your focus on that delicious, empowering sensation for a moment?

Get used to THAT.

Make friends with THAT.

Program THAT.

Don’t just think about feeling great as a concept, feeeel it in your body, with no mental narrative. Warm up to it until it feels so good that it wipes that old taste of feel-bad clean out of your memory. Feel GREAT.

Yes, get used to THAT.


Today I will fuel my life by feeeeling what feeling GREAT feels like.


What does feeling GREAT feel like to you?


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Rocket Fuel

When I look back on past experiences that felt painful, I now see that the experiences I learned from, are the ones that created my own rocket fuel. It is in the Ah-Ha moment that the untruth or resistance I hold, magically recycles itself.

 It was the Ah-Ha moments of these painful experiences that created my own personal brand of rocket fuel that propelled me forward on the path to my highest good.

I now see that the painful experiences that I did not learn from, the ones I complained about, or misunderstood as victimization, failure, or loss, are the ones that in one way or another, were repeated.

Today, I am grateful. I am grateful for my past misunderstandings, and I welcome new ones.

Have you made your own rocket fuel lately? ;)



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A hungry man told me he was starving. I made him a sandwich. Others made sandwiches. The hungry man collected up a bunch of sandwiches. Now, he had sandwiches….and he wondered why he was still starving.

I can make you a sandwich, but only you can eat it.


To experience the affects of food, I must eat, and digest it. To experience the affects of spiritual knowledge, I must eat and digest it. Collecting spiritual information is like collecting sandwiches and then starving to death.

Eating spiritual knowledge is the equivalent to collecting it. Digesting spiritual knowledge is the equivalent to experiencing a realization. Go beyond the analytical concept into an experience of visceral knowing, from a perspective previously unseen. You will find yourself in a vast, silent space of knowing, with a bigger picture that goes beyond words.

Bon appetit!



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What Is Mindful Living?

The very tool we have to rewire, observe, enhance or wake up from the thinking mind, is the thinking mind! …The good news is, the thinking mind can do that.  -Gina Charles

What is mindful living? Mindful living is honing the skill of staying Awake, and enjoying an Awakened life experience.

What is an Awakened life experience? An Awakened life experience is one that differentiates between being submersed in thought, sleepwalking through life, and not.

When I’m able to notice my thoughts as the Observer, and not fall unconsciously submersed into them, I’m Awake, I’m Aware.

When I’m able to experience life outside of the filter of the thinking mind, I’m having a direct life experience. I’m Awake, I’m Aware. When I experience life through the filter of the thinking mind, I’m living life inauthentically, or once removed.

Join me in living mindfully, and enjoying an enhanced life experience. I will stay awake with you.

Quote: from the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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…For others, moving into living a life of Presence is more of a journey. You have moments of Satori, or brief moments of Enlightenment, where you expand into the vast depth and knowingness of the Now. It happens intermittently. It could happen while riding in the passenger seat of a car, looking out the window, watching this place like a movie.  -Gina Charles

From the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles
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