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Truth Versus Everything Else

The life of my dreams is built on the knowing that I am already whole and complete, and that I am living in a benevolent construct which I call life.  -Gina Charles


From the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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What’s The Point?

Let’s take a look at living our best life from a different perspective. Let’s approach our life with the premise that we already have everything we need for the clarity and answers to living our best lives. Our big toe is pressed right up against the starting point of our very own yellow brick road. The journey is the point. What that journey is like, how we experience our adventure, is really up to us.  -Gina Charles

From the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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The Bigger Picture


I liken my world and my understanding of it to looking at life through a straw. The degree to which your Consciousness expands is equal to the degree to which the view of your world expands.

If the only thing you can see through your straw are a bunch of people running scared, you’d never know it was because a bus had careened up onto the sidewalk and was headed their way. Your view did not see the bigger picture. Without Conscious expansion, neither will you. The degree to which your Consciousness expands is the degree to which you understand yourself and the Universe.  -Gina Charles


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Awaken Before You Go

We did not come only to Awaken from this dream, we came with the ability to Awaken in this dream. We came to exchange our fear-ridden unconsciousness and susceptibilities to pain and suffering, for Consciousness. We arrived with the ability to make this exchange.  -Gina Charles

Are you ready to wake up and live?


From the book, Shift Happens, available at:

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Three Part Team

This three-part team is separately like three puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. The thinking mind is essential. It’s potential is limitless. Then, there’s the body, my vehicle, the other team member whom I have relied on for so much. This team member I ran ragged, pushed too far and didn’t listen to on so many occasions. Finally, there’s my Higher Self, who knows what I need, when I need it, and where to find it. There we were, my Higher Self, my thinking mind and my body. The Captain, the co-pilot and the vessel. Now we’re going places.

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Happiness, Awakening and Humor – Part One

What is Awakening….and is it happening to you? Find out in part one of my two-part interview.

“In a Yogini Lifestyle, Awakening is a Hot Topic. So we’ve brought you an exclusive interview with author and illustrator Gina Charles to discuss the themes around her own Shift!”

Thank you to YoginiDeals Blog, for an informative, and fun interview! ….stay tuned for part two!


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Between The Two

Wisdom speaks of the self-made identity.

Love speaks of That which I Am.

Between the two my life flows.

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The New Breed

I am not my self-made identity. I am something much greater.

Evolution is counting on the New Breed.

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It’s Time

I heard this song, Passage of the Sun, on the Awakening album by Gnosis, a couple of years ago. I was very moved by this instrumental. It took me on some kind of internal ride. One day while listening to it, I saw this sort of video/slideshow in my head. I felt inspired to create this slideshow, and knew that it was one of those projects that would have to come get me when it was ready.

One recent, early morning, with no prior warning, it came to get me, and I began to work on it. Although the original track is exactly 7 minutes long, this slideshow is based on a condensed 2:24 minute version. Thank you to Composer Anthony Charles for permission to use and condense his music.

For More:

I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings:

The full length 7 minute song, (track #9) Passage of the Sun, can be found here:

Should you find yourself moved to share this video with others, please do.



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