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Sing And Dance Lately?

Let’s take a look at where are our specific wants come from. Do you want to be a basketball star because you are attracted to the prestige and respect you believe you’d get? Or, do you want to play basketball because when you do, time stops, and you feel more alive and elated than ever?

Wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants to be so busy working your butt off trying to be that great basketball star, that you never discover that painting portraits makes your heart sing?

The mind makes major decisions based upon what our, often hidden, core beliefs and desires are. Peel back the onion of your desire and discover it’s core.

The car, the house, the promotion is not the thing we are really after to begin with. Even though we believe we are damn sure of it, right down to the make and model number. Cars, houses, and promotions are just the kind of things the thinking mind assigns to our core desires. Core desires for things like prestige, security and respect. There is nothing “wrong” with that. If you are not attached to having a thing, and you simply admire it, thinking you could have a lot of fun with it, then go for it. The point is, it’s helpful to determine if your mind is really after something that you were unaware of.

Ask yourself why you want something. When you get that answer, ask why again, and again. This line of questioning will peel back your onion. If you discover a core belief that is based on untruths, or resistance to what is, you now have a chance to free yourself from it. You are now free to feel your way toward desires that serve as guidance to your best life.

What are your CORE desires? What makes your heart sing? Do your core desires coincide with what makes your heart sing?

Let your heart sing like no one’s listening, and your soul will dance like no one’s watching. :)



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When life seems unfair, or too much to handle…when I wonder why things happen the way they do and how many ways I try to control it, it makes me wonder.

I wonder how I could have any choice at all over my life experience? How could I possibly be any match for the Universe? What thing could I possess that would allow me true freedom over sovereignty?

Choice. The choice to believe or disbelieve. I inquire into my thoughts and beliefs, and free myself from my story. This is true freedom.

I’ve had the power all along.

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Don’t Believe It


Believe. What exactly is a belief? A belief is like one of those rubber balls made entirely out of rubber bands. Similarly, a bunch of thoughts called reasons, come together to create a belief.

This is the stuff that manifests my life experience, whether I know about it or not.

The key, or the first step, has to be in recognizing my convictions for what they really are. They are beliefs, reasons that come together and form a story. Not all reasons or stories are true. Metaphysically speaking, no story is true but I allow my thinking mind to hold on to stories it believes serves me, like eating healthy food and taking vitamins.

What’s a thinking mind to do?

I began to inquire, and along the journey of questioning my thoughts I began to see things more clearly. I found that the more honest I was with myself, the easier and more effortlessly I began having the Ah-Ha moments that freed me from beliefs not serving me.

Recognize. Accept. Inquire.

Believe it, or not. ; )

For more on seeing through limiting beliefs see: FUEL Your Life





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Having Difficulty?


That’s all well and good, but how exactly can I use that to affect my life experience? The first thing I notice is that if I think that doing something about a difficult situation is the solution, I’m missing the point. The point is to recognize the gift. An opportunity for growth, freedom, expansion. Yea, sometimes it comes in the ugliest packages, but the point is to reach in, grab your pearl, and keep moving! How? It’s always simple, not always easy at first, but always simple.

1. Notice your thoughts.

This would be step one, as you really couldn’t do anything about the monster in the closet if you didn’t notice he was in there. Often times, all it takes is to put the spotlight of your focus on a thought.

2. Question your thoughts.

 “After a morning like this, this is going to be a horrible day!” Do I really have any way of knowing that that is absolutely true? Well, no. I don’t. So, it’s a lie. A big fat lie. Now you’re free to move on to an empowering day, open to your highest good. …now go have some fun. ;)

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Why Isn’t This Working?

Let’s talk about the concept, or the Universal Law, that our life experiences are a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs that we hold on the inside of ourselves. What we think and believe on the inside is projected outward into what we call our life experiences. It’s like a mirror of sorts. Why is it like this? To give us the opportunity to see where we can grow, empower and free ourselves. 
With this mirror concept in mind I could see what a futile attempt it is to reach outside of myself to make any changes in my life. That would be like taking a hair brush and trying to brush the reflection of my hair that’s in the mirror, and wondering why it’s not working. The controls to this ride are on the inside. When I change something on the inside, something on the outside will change. 
Questioning our thoughts, unconditional acceptance, processing our emotions or being in the present moment, moves enough stuff around on the inside to yield the life of our dreams on the outside. 
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Cleanliness Is Next To Happiness

I’m sure most of us have experienced times in our lives when we’re busier than usual, things seem to be mounting and we are feeling the pressure. When this happens we feel discomfort, to say the least.  Actually, recognizing the discomfort is a good thing. Yeesss, a good thing. It’s our sign post, our built in alarm. It’s a little tap on the shoulder to notice what’s really going on. 
What is really going on and how do I break this uncomfortable pattern? Well, I look at it like cleaning my house. Maintenance. It’s all about the maintenance. If I do a little cleaning here and there, I won’t find myself in dire straights.
I want to be sailing along smoothly. Here are a few things I’ve incorporated into my life for more of a smooth sail. First, I accept the isness of the situation. Then, I put myself on the to-do list. I practice checking in with myself during the day and asking how I’m feeling, or if there’s anything I can do for me – the same way I do for others. I question my thoughts, especially the ones that come right before a bad feeling. I practice noticing and thoroughly feeling my emotions as they arise in the silence of the moment. No thinking, just feeling. The emotion melts like an ice cube – and most times faster than that – and I’m free. Most importantly, I practice keeping that volume down in my head enough that I can hear/feel my inner Guidance. It’s a process, a practice. The pressure I feel inside is a result of not doing these things. 
When things seem to be piling up and the pressure mounts on the outside of us – it’s because things are pent up, piled up and the pressure is mounting on the inside of us. It’s the very reason we’re having those types of overwhelming life experiences in the first place. What’s inside, is outside.
Doing these things for ourselves, a little bit everyday, is maintenance. You can’t get across town in a car with an empty tank. Connect with yourself on a daily basis, without judgement. Plug yourself in. 
Alleviate the pressure on the inside, and the pressure on the outside will disappear. 

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