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The Way Out Is Through



When I realized that I am the one responsible for my life experience, and that no one can save or enlighten me but me, I decided to scrape together enough self-worth to show up for myself. Realizing that you are worth the effort is the carrot you need to dangle in front of your baggage-laden cart.

Contrary to disassociating, diverting, or resisting emotion, I embrace it. I allow my feelings and emotions a chance to get a word in edge-wise, as opposed to feeding the fire by rehashing a mental story.

Mentally dwelling on a problem can perpetuate feel-bad feelings. Instead, I acknowledge my distressing situation from more of a bird’s-eye view as not to fall submersed into the story. I silently acknowledge, and witness my emotions as they manifest and evaporate.

In doing this, I have stepped up for myself. I’m teaching my mind that the natural process of flowing emotion is not going to endanger or kill me. I am discarding old programming, and installing new, empowering programming. I am clearing my own runway for takeoff.


If you try to get past the storm, you will take it with you. The way out, is through.


A day that I do not take a few moments to silently feel, is a day that I’m not fully going with my own flow. If you try to get past the storm, you will take it with you. The way out, is through.



Today I will stay out of the story, as I silently witness my emotion rise, and fly free. :)


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Our bodies house messages in the form of feelings and emotions.

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Dive In, Get Dirty, And Smell Good!

I don’t know why I remember it so vividly. It was the first week of Kindergarden. I was still silently feeling a bit uneasy in my new surroundings. I remember that we were all seated at what seemed like an unusually long table, as the teacher handed out supplies.

I remember the teacher reaching over the table and handing it to me. And there it was….in all its infinite possibilities….that golden box of Crayola crayons. Flat, wide and weighty in my hand, it glistened, almost glowed, with the perfection of it’s pristine condition. I slowly lifted the thick protective cover to reveal 8 of the most perfect crayons, no doubt, in all the Universe. They were huge! Well it was Kindergarden, after all. We would need industrial sized crayons. And they were the kind with the hard wax, for the ultimate coloring experience!

I was in love. I quickly looked to my right and thought to myself, “Quentin better keep his mits off  my crayons!” And then I got an idea. I gently picked up each crayon, and behind it’s position in the box, I carefully drew a thin vertical line about the third of the length of each crayon. This way, I could preserve the original order the crayons came in (?!@#??) , AND I’d be able to tell if Quentin or anyone else touched, or God forbid used, my crayons. Disturbing, yes.

I loved using those crayons. Though eventually, preserving them became an obstacle between myself and my beloved. I now recognize this to be a fear-based action. I was afraid I would use the crayons all up, that they would get damaged, that somehow I’d be without that brand new box of perfect crayons. I didn’t realize at the time that the joy of those crayons could only be experienced while engaged in heavy duty use.

Out of the blue, as I sat down at my desk this morning, I remembered that day in Kindergarden so vividly. I recognized this as a sign post. As soon as I acknowledged it, the realization shouted to me, “Go burn all the good candles! Go wipe your hands on the good towels in the bathroom! Have breakfast on the holiday dishes and for God’s sake, use your special perfume everyday! Dive in, get dirty, and smell good dammit!”

Today, I hope you use your crayons in reckless glory! I know I will. ;)


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It’s All Natural

Happy is natural. It promotes well-being. Sad, mad, scared, is a painful story that takes me out of my natural thriving state. I can’t stay out there too long before I begin to wither.

Note to self: Smile. :)

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Don’t Shoot The Messenger

….I had never heard that term before, notes. I asked him what that meant. What’s that, like after the performance, the director passes you notes from the audience? He laughed, and explained that the director’s notes are like instructions, suggestions or pointers, as to how to improve your performance.

Some time later, one night during a conversation, he began to point out something about me he felt needed to change. At first, I felt resistant, and it burned. I accepted the burn and silently felt it until it dissipated. This is part of my practice of accepting what is, in the moment. That’s how I make my own rocket fuel. When I do this, I inevitably experience an Ah-Ha moment, a freedom, a Conscious expansion.

As the burn dissipated, I began to actually hear him. I was present, listening with my undivided attention and no thoughts or words in my head. Ah-Ha! I was suddenly able to see what he saw from where he was standing. Ooooh. Hmmm. Gee, this is quite a different view. : / I silently noticed and absorbed the slight sting of humiliation that my thinking mind produced…more rocket fuel.

Right on cue, it was then that it hit me. Notes! He was delivering notes from the Universe! The experience changed completely. It went from discomfort and resistance, which was keeping my gift at bay, to acceptance and gratitude.

The realization I received was not about changing an aspect of my personality, it was in allowing myself to see what others see from where they are standing. It’s not about the message, it’s about the Ah-Ha moment and the expansion you experience when you have it. The rest takes care of itself, whatever that may be. That’s part of the magic…if you allow it.

I understand that I’m constantly getting notes from the Universe. Some are sweet little messages and some seem like nasty hate mail that look like crazy ransom notes. They come in many forms, all pointers to my highest good. I would be remiss to take it personally or to resist the messenger.

Have you noticed any notes from the Universe lately? ;)

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Why Isn’t This Working?

Let’s talk about the concept, or the Universal Law, that our life experiences are a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs that we hold on the inside of ourselves. What we think and believe on the inside is projected outward into what we call our life experiences. It’s like a mirror of sorts. Why is it like this? To give us the opportunity to see where we can grow, empower and free ourselves. 
With this mirror concept in mind I could see what a futile attempt it is to reach outside of myself to make any changes in my life. That would be like taking a hair brush and trying to brush the reflection of my hair that’s in the mirror, and wondering why it’s not working. The controls to this ride are on the inside. When I change something on the inside, something on the outside will change. 
Questioning our thoughts, unconditional acceptance, processing our emotions or being in the present moment, moves enough stuff around on the inside to yield the life of our dreams on the outside. 
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Cleanliness Is Next To Happiness

I’m sure most of us have experienced times in our lives when we’re busier than usual, things seem to be mounting and we are feeling the pressure. When this happens we feel discomfort, to say the least.  Actually, recognizing the discomfort is a good thing. Yeesss, a good thing. It’s our sign post, our built in alarm. It’s a little tap on the shoulder to notice what’s really going on. 
What is really going on and how do I break this uncomfortable pattern? Well, I look at it like cleaning my house. Maintenance. It’s all about the maintenance. If I do a little cleaning here and there, I won’t find myself in dire straights.
I want to be sailing along smoothly. Here are a few things I’ve incorporated into my life for more of a smooth sail. First, I accept the isness of the situation. Then, I put myself on the to-do list. I practice checking in with myself during the day and asking how I’m feeling, or if there’s anything I can do for me – the same way I do for others. I question my thoughts, especially the ones that come right before a bad feeling. I practice noticing and thoroughly feeling my emotions as they arise in the silence of the moment. No thinking, just feeling. The emotion melts like an ice cube – and most times faster than that – and I’m free. Most importantly, I practice keeping that volume down in my head enough that I can hear/feel my inner Guidance. It’s a process, a practice. The pressure I feel inside is a result of not doing these things. 
When things seem to be piling up and the pressure mounts on the outside of us – it’s because things are pent up, piled up and the pressure is mounting on the inside of us. It’s the very reason we’re having those types of overwhelming life experiences in the first place. What’s inside, is outside.
Doing these things for ourselves, a little bit everyday, is maintenance. You can’t get across town in a car with an empty tank. Connect with yourself on a daily basis, without judgement. Plug yourself in. 
Alleviate the pressure on the inside, and the pressure on the outside will disappear. 

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Look It In The Eye

One of the things we all have in common, and I mean all of us, is Fear. Fear, and the endless forms it takes, however illusionary. Fear, the thing we allow to rob us of our own wonderful life experiences. 
I know fear, in every form, is an illusion. Nevertheless, it’s part of my human experience. To get past it, I speak directly to it. 
Fear,  I am contracted with your subtle but constant pain and discomfort. I ask you, fear, to look me in the eye. I’m telling you that I know who I am. I know the deal. I want my gift, my lesson, my growth. Look at me, fear. Your discomfort and sometimes outright suffering will not deter me any longer. 
I will look at you, and feel you thoroughly. I will embrace you and hold you until you dissipate. And when you do, as you do, in your melting, I will absorb my realization, my expansion, my power and my freedom. I will have received your gift. I will have removed you as an obstacle from my path. 
So fear,  while you have the crappiest way of gift giving, I accept, and thank you. 
….Empower yourself. ;)

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I’m Disconnected – Plug me in!

If I am (mentally) always over there – over there in what other’s think, feel, say, do or want, I’m not here, with myself. I’m not here to put my focus on what I think, feel, say, do or want. I have abandoned me. 
If I pay my Attention to what I feel, think, want and most importantly, what makes ME happy, then I can really experience life. How could I experience life if I’m always over there putting my focus on what others think, feel, say, do or want? I can’t. Then, I ultimately suffer.
First, I must be here with myself. I must learn to do this. I must get good at it. That’s the only way I will do what I’m longing to do…experience life….enjoy life – what I came here for. 
I will retrain myself to notice ME. If I’m always mentally over there pleasing and appeasing others, I have abandoned myself and ultimately my own happiness. I’m simply not here to have it. 
Being here (mentally) with myself and really experiencing the moments of my life, now enables me to share it with others. 

This was the feeling of disconnection. I was disconnected from myself.
Only in connecting with myself, can I connect with others. 

Only in connecting with myself, can I experience life. 
Today I will:  
-Notice me
-Be with me
-Care for me

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