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How To Summon The Universe

Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Summon the UniverseIs there some kind of incantation or metaphysical bat signal to summon help from the Universe? Is there a way to call forth Providence and his sister Serendipity to ask for a leg up?

There is something that I can do to tap into the support and guidance of the Universe. It’s an innate ability, one often underused and overlooked.

It is overlooked because most of the time, most of our attention and focus is caught up in the whirlwind of unmonitored thinking and rote behaviors.

It is in this unaware, unconscious state, submersed in unnoticed, unexamined thought and beliefs, that the mind’s reasoning lures us away from activating our power and the power of the Universe.


Luckily, reasoning does not equal Truth.


So what is this magnificent miracle-launcher?



Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Summon the UniverseYes, self-kindness. The simple thing so easy to understand, and yet so seemingly difficult to do. Have you ever contemplated what your life might be like if you treated yourself as you do your most beloved? You’d approach everything with your highest good in mind, not like you’re trying to get away with it, but like it’s your job, your right, your privilege.

Don’t let the mind reason you away from your own power by spewing its fear-based reasoning on why you should make an unkind choice for yourself. If you get the short end of the stick it should never be on purpose.

Give it a try. Start small. Baby step your way to being self-kind, self-considerate. You have nothing to lose by trying it.

What you will gain is a trustworthy, I’ve-got-your-back relationship with Self. The kind that bumps this human experience up to a human adventure. An adventure rife with miracles, and helpful people, places and things, in a Universe that rises to meet you.


Choosing what is self-kind, summons the Universe.

Providence and his sister Serendipity ride in on the wind, asking what took you so long.




Sprinkle a little of THAT on each day, and let the magic begin.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I will choose FOR myself, in Awareness and self-kindness.

Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Summon the Universe

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Finding Your Heart’s Desire


I read a true story once about a guy who suddenly became inexplicably interested in photography. He surrendered to this strong desire, and indulged himself. One day he came across a flyer advertising a free local photography meeting, and decided to attend. When he got there, he was a bit disappointed to find a group of mostly seniors, sharing stories about their photographs.


He decided to duck out early. As he walked down the stairs at the front of the building, he heard the door open behind him. A young woman, who was in the same meeting, decided to leave early as well. He stopped to talk to her. Turns out, they hit it off and began dating. They ended up falling in love and getting married.


Authentic living and spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles

Nonsensical Serendipity

Finding the right woman and marrying was something this man had deeply desired. The interesting thing is, right after he met this woman, his ardent desire to learn about photography had disappeared. Had he not allowed himself to follow his new desire, his life may have gone very differently. He let himself enjoy his inexplicable, nonsensical interest in photography, and in addition, it led him to something even greater.


Learning how to gift ourselves with the things that make us happy in the moment, is extremely advantageous. 


If you feel drawn to something, let yourself get a closer look. Try it. It’s about how much you’re enjoying it, not how well you do at it.


Your heart’s desires, outside of reason, are the crumbs that lead to the life of your dreams.


Don’t worry if the mind can’t figure out what you will do with your new-found ability to build bird houses out of old chop sticks. Figuring things out is not required. The only thing that is required is allowing yourself to partake in the enjoyment. 


Authentic living and spiritual awakening with Gina Charles - finding your heart's desire.


Stay Awake, and follow the scent of your own feel-good. ;)


EMPOWERMENT: Today I will gift myself with the things that make my insides smile.


Authentic living with Gina Charles - finding your heart's desire

From the book, FUEL Your Life, by Gina Charles.

If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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Intend And Conquer

It’s early. I can hear the birds chirping outside while sipping my coffee. I have the whole day ahead of me. There are things I’d love to do, and things I have to do. Then it dawned on me. If I have access to the control panel of this ride, then maybe I should begin my day in a more empowering way, instead of at the mercy of where the chips may fall.

I’m aware that my thinking mind engages in things with the same 2 consistent intentions. The mind’s ultimate intention is to enhance or improve the identity in some way, and it is satiated by the thought of more thinking – any kind of thinking.


This is not the best use of my resources. In fact, this is starting the race asleep at the wheel.


I will begin my next endeavor from a different perspective, and anticipate an improved result. I will begin by asking myself:


Authentic living with Gina Charles


What are you truly hoping for, sweetheart?

If my answer feels anything other than yummy in the tummy, I will reconsider the endeavor from the inside out. I will let my gut be my guide. If my answers feel good, I will have shifted into feel-good, AKA power-mode.


No holds barred, What are your intentions, baby cakes?

This is where I get real. If my answer tastes bad, I’ll spit it out and reconsider my position from the seat of my gut. If it tastes good, I will have forged a powerful trajectory.


What’s the most important part of this for you, darling?

If the answer feels good to me, that’s a go. If it feels bad, slow or no.


When it’s a MUST!….


So what about the stuff that must be done in the moment, like cooking for the kids, or completing something for a deadline? Then I’ll whip out my power questions:


What’s the best possible outcome, sweet cheeks?


How can I do this easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably, you genius you?


Why bother? Because it’s never about the WHAT. It’s always about the HOW. And HOW we’re doing things right now dictates WHAT we will encounter tomorrow.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I intend to stay awake and make the best use of my resources, easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably.


What intentions will you set today?


For more on how to live authentically, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT Happens. ;)

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Get Used To THAT

Yes, that’s what you have to get used to, feeling GREAT. What does that feel like to you?  Does it feel like big happiness, excitement, fulfillment, confidence? Maybe it’s a combination of different, powerful, feel-good feelings.

Where in your body do you feel it? Can you silently put your focus on that delicious, empowering sensation for a moment?

Get used to THAT.

Make friends with THAT.

Program THAT.

Don’t just think about feeling great as a concept, feeeel it in your body, with no mental narrative. Warm up to it until it feels so good that it wipes that old taste of feel-bad clean out of your memory. Feel GREAT.

Yes, get used to THAT.


Today I will fuel my life by feeeeling what feeling GREAT feels like.


What does feeling GREAT feel like to you?


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Recently a good friend shared a story with me. It is with permission, that I now share it with you, via an excerpt of an email my friend received:


…I do want you to know that taking that scrawny, sick, little kitten home that day was the best decision I made all year. Last year ended up being a really difficult year full of tragedy for me and that precious little kitten has literally kept me sane. His name is Liam, which means protector, and he is just as healthy, energetic, and adorable as can be.

Thank you for rescuing Liam from the street and getting him the medical attention he needed. Thank you for entrusting a random stranger with him. I am more thankful than you can possibly know that you stopped by coffee house that day.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

-Liam’s new mom



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The Source

All rays lead to the sun, as the saying goes. What does the sun represent? The sun represents Source. We are the Source.

The rays we follow to the Sun are our own realizations, our Ah-Ha moments that are Conscious expansion, or spiritual growth.

With each revelation or realization I experienced, I got a little closer to the Sun. At the same time, coming closer to the Sun resulted in the clearing of my own runway. Little by little, I was sweeping up and throwing out the garbage. I was recognizing and discarding attachment, untrue thoughts and beliefs, and learning acceptance. By clearing away stuff I never needed, I found where everything I already had was.

All rays lead to the sun, just as all these realizations of Truth lead to Source….as this is the journey back to Self.


From the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles
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Outside The Box

How do I change my life? How can I make things happen? More importantly, why are my efforts falling on what seems like the Universe’s deaf ears?  The possibility for real change seems to lie outside of what we know….and now that we know that, we can create real change. What?! What it comes down to is the concept presented in Einstein’s quote about insanity. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

Our minds are our operating systems. We know how to do the things we do because we learned them. Synapses fire off in a conditioned pattern in our brains that enable us to do the things we’ve learned to do. This also includes behavioral and emotional responses and reactions. This is why noticing our thoughts is such an empowering skill to hone. Change lies outside the box of the conditioned response. Change lies outside the box, in what is often referred to as going outside of our comfort zone.

Today, try something new. Try doing something, anything, differently than the way you usually do it. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand and get a feel for what something new feels like. Learn a new dance step. Notice your reactions, and choose a new one. Get used to stepping outside of your comfort zone, outside of your limited and constricting box. Imagine how empowering it would be to make friends with being outside the box. And that concept is well presented in a quote from my Grandma:

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. ;)


For more on personal growth:  Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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What’s The Point?

Let’s take a look at living our best life from a different perspective. Let’s approach our life with the premise that we already have everything we need for the clarity and answers to living our best lives. Our big toe is pressed right up against the starting point of our very own yellow brick road. The journey is the point. What that journey is like, how we experience our adventure, is really up to us.  -Gina Charles

From the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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I will stay awake with you. :)

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Happy Little Pieces

Let go of always trying to put it all together. Focus on your little pieces of happy, of Presence, even if and especially when it may seem scattered and unrelated. One day, you will look up and see a picture even more beautiful than you imagined.  -Gina Charles



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