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Getting Unstuck

denialHonoring my Truths is a fancy way of saying surrender.

It is to unconditionally accept the isness of the moment, no matter how much it makes me want to spit, run, or fall to my knees. Whether my car was stolen, or I really wanted to decline a party I said yes to, I must surrender/accept  what is, in order to honor my truths.


It took me a long time to sit with that inner burn of acceptance. But little by little, as my own smoke cleared, my mind began to notice how that inner burning and churning recycled itself into my own personal rocket fuel. With baby steps, I practiced being with the burn of acceptance, and I got better and better at it.


Authentic Living with Gina Charles. Honor Truth get unstuck. Beyond mindfulness is Authenticity.


The one essential key is to suspend mental activity.


I must stop reasoning and telling the story while I witness the feelings rise and fall, if I want authentic Truth-honoring to work its magic.


I’ve discovered that when I feel stuck, when it feels like the Universe is holding me captive and I can’t make things better no matter how hard I try, the teeth-gritting burn of acceptance is always at my disposal. Somehow, this refills my tank. Somehow it loosens the glue that has me stuck. Somehow it propels me forward.



Gina Charles New World Living -Honor Your Truths and get unstuck

It may taste bad going down, but once it’s down there, the experience of acceptance gets recycled into butt-kicking magic. It gets me unstuck. It gets me free. Give it a try.


  • Face the isness of the moment.

  • Notice any feel-bad.

  • In complete mental silence, watch the feeling rise and fall away.

  • Stay out of the story.


Congratulations, you have just used your innate tools. The very tools that can change your life experience as you know it. Welcome to freedom. Welcome to Authentic living. Use your powers for good. ;)


You have nothing to lose, except the denial that’s holding you down.


From the book, FUEL Your Life. For more on unconditional acceptance and getting unstuck: Watch the FUEL video, read an excerpt.

If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video


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Intend And Conquer

It’s early. I can hear the birds chirping outside while sipping my coffee. I have the whole day ahead of me. There are things I’d love to do, and things I have to do. Then it dawned on me. If I have access to the control panel of this ride, then maybe I should begin my day in a more empowering way, instead of at the mercy of where the chips may fall.

I’m aware that my thinking mind engages in things with the same 2 consistent intentions. The mind’s ultimate intention is to enhance or improve the identity in some way, and it is satiated by the thought of more thinking – any kind of thinking.


This is not the best use of my resources. In fact, this is starting the race asleep at the wheel.


I will begin my next endeavor from a different perspective, and anticipate an improved result. I will begin by asking myself:


Authentic living with Gina Charles


What are you truly hoping for, sweetheart?

If my answer feels anything other than yummy in the tummy, I will reconsider the endeavor from the inside out. I will let my gut be my guide. If my answers feel good, I will have shifted into feel-good, AKA power-mode.


No holds barred, What are your intentions, baby cakes?

This is where I get real. If my answer tastes bad, I’ll spit it out and reconsider my position from the seat of my gut. If it tastes good, I will have forged a powerful trajectory.


What’s the most important part of this for you, darling?

If the answer feels good to me, that’s a go. If it feels bad, slow or no.


When it’s a MUST!….


So what about the stuff that must be done in the moment, like cooking for the kids, or completing something for a deadline? Then I’ll whip out my power questions:


What’s the best possible outcome, sweet cheeks?


How can I do this easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably, you genius you?


Why bother? Because it’s never about the WHAT. It’s always about the HOW. And HOW we’re doing things right now dictates WHAT we will encounter tomorrow.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I intend to stay awake and make the best use of my resources, easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably.


What intentions will you set today?


For more on how to live authentically, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT Happens. ;)

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What To Do If You Can’t Get Over It

It happened, but it’s not happening right now, and yet you’re still hurting.

While mentally submersed in a painful story, you suffer. Mentally detached from the story, you are free.



The mind’s unwillingness to see beyond the story is the resistance that holds you captive. Be willing to see a bigger picture, recognizing what the mind may have overlooked. Giving even just one of the following practices a shot, may be just the crowbar the mind’s resistance needs.


Flow Emotions

Flowing Emotion is not a retelling of a story.  This practice entails witnessing wordless emotion at the same time you are experiencing it. You may momentarily grieve, mourn or sob. Watch it. Do not fall into the story. Allow emotion to rise and melt away, all in mental silence. The transformed energy is personal rocket fuel.


Accept Unconditionally

Acceptance does not mean you like or agree with whatever happened. It simply means that you accept that it did happen. This frees up the energy being wasting on resistance, to be better used elsewhere. In acceptance, you open the door to miracles. Go with the flow, because the flow goes toward your authentic freedom, healing and happiness.


Be The Eyewitness

Intend to wake up to the thoughts romping through your head. Notice them. This empowers you to recognize untrue thoughts. It enables you to discard thoughts that do not serve, rather than just have and believe unnoticed, feel-bad thinking. It allows you to put out the fire, instead of getting lost in fighting the smoke. Be the Eyewitness to thought.


Practice Lucidity

To be lucid is to mentally step out of the perpetual mental commentary. It is to experience the present moment with a quiet mind. Lucidity is a direct connection to Guidance, and to your own power, Self. To be Lucid is to perceive without analytical evaluation. Lucidity is a living meditation.


Rinse and Repeat

You possess the innate ability to experience each practice. Choose FOR you, you’re worth it.

Rinse and repeat until realizations rise up independently from within, and pain and suffering fall away. Rest assured, somewhere in what hurts lies the gift of growth and empowerment.


Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Hurt - What to do if you can't get over it.


EMPOWERMENT: Reach inside of hurt and learn from it, emerging free and empowered, like a phoenix from ashes.


If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


Find books by Gina Charles at:

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iBooks and iTunes US

iBooks and iTunes UK

FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video


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What Is FUEL Your Life?

FUEL a living meditation by Gina Charles. Beyond mindfulness is Authentic Living

What is FUEL, And How Can I FUEL My Life?

What’s the use of collecting more knowledge if you’re not living it?

FUEL is a 4-point living meditation, woven into the fabric of everyday life. These are Authentic living concepts that anyone can live, anytime, anywhere. The real power lies in exercising these pocket-sized tools.

These practices awaken innate abilities, and help to build metacognitive skills. 


The mind is the ultimate computer. It is not only able to recognize its own programming, it is also capable of reprograming itself. When we wake up to this dynamic, AKA metacognitive thought, or the experience of the program recognizing itself, it puts us in a new position. A position of power. A position of authentic change.

To more easily remember the four practices, I created the acronym, FUEL.



Flow emotion, accept unconditionally, be the eyewitness and practice Lucidity.


F – Flow emotion
Today I will live my life from the inside out.

U – Accept Unconditionally
Today I will make reality my friend and teacher.

E – Be the Eyewitness
Today I will be the eyewitness to thought, so that I may discard those that do not serve.

L – Step into Lucidity
Today I will exercise Lucidity by perceiving life with little to no mental commentary.


Let’s go beyond understanding concepts, and LIVE our power.

There is another way to have this human adventure.



I have come fully equipped for this adventure. Today I intend to FUEL my life.


From the book, FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening, by Gina Charles

If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


iBooks and iTunes US

iBooks and iTunes UK

FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video



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Is The Universe Whispering In Your Ear?


You know how your mind is always talking inside your head? It asks questions, evaluates, and judges almost continually. It’s no wonder we attach to and fall unconscious into thought. Sometimes, to the detriment of our own good.

Listening for Guidance and self-empowerment



What if the Universe has been whispering in your ear all along?




What if the mind quieted down just long enough to recognize its own rambling?


When thought recognizes itself, discomfort falls away.


What if the mind quieted down just long enough to notice emotion as a messenger or sign post?


What excites my soul is really a sign post that says, “Keep Walking This Way.”


What if the mind quieted down just long enough to catch the magic carpet ride of inspiration?


Mental chaos keeps the muse at bay. Mental quietude invites the muse to play.


What if the mind quieted down just long enough?


We’d hear the Universe unfailingly whispering the way to our highest good.


Authentic Living and Spiritual Awakening with Gina Charles

EMPOWERMENT: Today I will be the eyewitness to thought and emotion.


 For more on quieting the mind, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT happens. ;)


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Holy Shift


I used to think surrender meant giving up. The connotation reeked of failure. Surrendering to anything felt like backing down, or caving in. My thinking mind considered surrender a dirty word, while my drive and commitment ate surrender for breakfast. Well, that’s before I understood what it really meant.

In surrendering resistance, I shift into the space of serendipity and divine providence.

Surrender, in a spiritual context, is more like off-loading my to-do list. I get to drop worry and fear-based action, in exchange for the peaceful power of a lucid moment. Resistance can not exist in the space of unconditional acceptance. Surrendering into the unconditional acceptance of the present moment, opens my door to miracles. In surrendering resistance, I shift into the space of serendipity and divine providence.

I now realize the difference between going after something, and something coming to me. Surrendering into unconditional acceptance is what bridges that gap. Unconditional acceptance is surrendering my thinking mind’s desire to constantly control it all, even in so much as an approval or disapproval.

Each time I surrender into unconditional acceptance, something good happens.

Each time I surrender into unconditional acceptance, something good happens. I know that’s a big statement, and this has been my experience. Allowing myself to step outside of my comfort zone by relinquishing unnecessary mental control, has yielded unsurpassed growth, and unexpected joy.


Today I will surrender into the serendipity and divine providence of what is.


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Dare To Be Authentic

FUEL Your Life, Change Your Life

Join me TODAY on Amazing Women of Power Radio. I am a guest on the Dare To Be Authentic Radio Show with host Mari Mitchell Porter. I will be talking about authentic living and I will share FUEL Your Life, my own living meditation for living our best, authentic lives.


 6/10/13 at 1:30pm & 7:30pm EST.

UPDATE: After yesterday’s show, two encores of the show have been added for Tuesday 6/11/13 at 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM EST

The show will also air on Sat. 6/15 at 11:30am


This show is live only.

Unfortunately there is no public access to archived shows. 

For more information on FUEL Your Life, click HERE.

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Get Used To THAT

Yes, that’s what you have to get used to, feeling GREAT. What does that feel like to you?  Does it feel like big happiness, excitement, fulfillment, confidence? Maybe it’s a combination of different, powerful, feel-good feelings.

Where in your body do you feel it? Can you silently put your focus on that delicious, empowering sensation for a moment?

Get used to THAT.

Make friends with THAT.

Program THAT.

Don’t just think about feeling great as a concept, feeeel it in your body, with no mental narrative. Warm up to it until it feels so good that it wipes that old taste of feel-bad clean out of your memory. Feel GREAT.

Yes, get used to THAT.


Today I will fuel my life by feeeeling what feeling GREAT feels like.


What does feeling GREAT feel like to you?


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My Head Or My Heart?

Is your core desire your head’s desire, or is it your heart’s desire? Do you want to be a doctor because your head desires prestige, or because your guts love to help heal people? Are you an acrobat because being courageous is the desired characteristic that your mind wants to add to it’s self-made identity? Or, are you an acrobat because your Soul sings when you experience the joy of soaring through the air?

Try This:

Fill in the blanks to help reveal if your core desire(s) is coming from your head, or from your heart. The following are two examples:

Example 1:

My Desire is: ________.

(Example: To be a graphic designer.)

Why do I want to _________?

(I want to be a graphic designer because I like creating digital art!)

Why? ________

(I like it because I’m good at it!)

How do I think it would feel to ________? Or, how does it feel to _________?

(When I create graphic art I feel accomplished and professional. I can make more money than my last endeavor, and even though it’s deadline driven, it can also be lot’s of fun. I love being creative in the digital world.)

Example 2:

My Desire is: ________.

(Example: At this moment, I still do not have a clear title or name for my desire. What I’m drawn to barley has an accurate description. For the purpose of this example I’ll call my desire, “writing.”)

Why do I want to _________?

(I want to be a writer because I love writing and talking about Consciousness and thought. Why? I like it because it makes me feel like there’s a lit furnace burning in my gut. It feels like some kind of inexplicable excitement.)

How do I think it would feel to ________? Or, how does it feel to _________?

(When I write and speak about Consciousness, I enjoy the flow of the endeavor. I feel alive. I feel an underlying feeling that feels like the words want to be read, as if someone were waiting for them. And when someone comments that they resonated with something I’ve written, I feel an instant, direct, and glorious connection to someone I’ve never even met. This is followed by a wonderful and overwhelming feeling of gratitude. It’s magical.)

Logical Sense Or Nonsensical Joy?

Based on both of these examples, can you tell which desire comes more from the head, and which comes more from the heart?

Question your desires. If they make more logical sense than they do nonsensical joy, then maybe your desire is your head’s and not your heart’s. Don’t panic. Accept, stay present, and follow the scent of your own feel-good. ;)

The difference between logical sense and nonsensical joy, feels like the difference between surviving and thriving.


Today I intend to feed my Soul, by questioning my desires.


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The Game Of Life

I asked myself, where am I? What’s the point of this thing I call life? I now realize that this place is a benevolent construct. It’s a playground, a classroom, a game. The objective is to find all the pieces of myself, hidden in plain sight.

Seems like a fairly easy game I play with myself, except for a few variables: amnesia and sleepwalking. I pop into this dream with amnesia, I don’t remember that which I Am. In addition, I’m sleepwalking, submersed in my thoughts and beliefs, that most often do not coincide with this reality. It’s like sleepwalking in the dark, with no memory.

To awaken, is to step outside of thought. It is to be present in the moment, with no narrative soundtrack in my head. It is to experience life outside of the bubble of thought, or the filter of beliefs. When I am able to have this human experience directly, free from unnecessary thought, I am living Authentically. When I have this human experience submersed in thought, sleepwalking, unaware of what and where I am, I am living inauthentically, or what I refer to as, once removed.

The more I stay Awake, the easier I find my Truths, hidden in plain site.


Are you practicing this game of life Aware, or unaware? ….Let’s play. :)



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