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Miracles Welcome

Being in resistance is like pressing yourself up against the door, making sure your little miracle can’t get in. Acceptance of what is, welcomes miracles into your life.

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Turn Down The Volume


In silence, you can feel the aliveness of the body. In the aliveness of the body, you can feel your guidance. Getting quiet and becoming familiar with my own guidance is one of the best things I can ever “do.”  Turn down the volume, and feel. -Gina Charles

An excerpt from the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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Change Your Life

What’s one of the fastest ways to change your life? …….

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It won’t be easy unless you let it. Try living in a way where you allow more than you do.

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Ah Come On, You Can Do It

Easier said than done! Still, we try. We try to turn off our thoughts in lieu of that silent magical bliss. But remember, what resists, persists. Try this new two-step dance and see if it helps:

-Unconditional acceptance

-Be the Observer

While meditating, be the Observer. Rather than resisting thought, be in acceptance of whatever comes up. Allow the thoughts to come up, and notice them float by like a benign leaf on a slow moving river. You are the Observer, peacefully watching the leaves of thought quietly float downstream.

Each time you notice a thought, turn the spotlight of your focus to your breathing, or to a sound, a smell, or a physical sensation. Keep returning your focus to one of those things whenever another thought floats by.

Just think of it like having an adorable new puppy. Every time he pees on the floor, you just gently pick him up and put him back on the paper.

Good boy, thinking mind, good boy. ;)

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