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Making The Shift


Which Came First?

Which came first, the pain or the story? The story, of course. When I completely immerse myself in reiterating painful stories, and I believe them, I create a bad habit. These bad habits run my life if I am not awake to them. Too much thought, without the balance of being, is an invitation for suffering.


Hell is not a place, it’s a belief.


Whenever I fall submersed into the mind’s activity, I become a puppet to the programming. It’s here where the dream can turn into a nightmare. Believing consistent negative thinking is skating along the edge of the abyss. The deeper in thought you go, the more it hurts. The deeper you go, the more you forget who you really are. Hell is not a place, it’s a belief.


Practice Equals Patterns

I am much greater than any feel-bad hormones that may be traveling through my bloodstream. I suffer not because I’m not good enough, can’t get it right, or lost my way. I suffer because I’m sleepwalking. I’m unconscious, retelling, reliving, rehashing unquestioned negativity, and believing it.

Practice equals patterns. The more I sing my feel-bad songs, especially if they are coupled with peak emotion, I create a bad habit, a program, a pattern. I wire suffering to play in a loop, over and over again.


The Shift

I am greater than my unnoticed thought. I am greater than any story my mind may tell. I am greater than my history. My well-being is my responsibility. Waking up into self-kindness fuels my journey back to Self.

It’s time to practice something new, and to wire new patterns of empowerment. Being the lucid eyewitness to thought, accepting unconditionally and going with the flow of my highest good, is the recipe for stepping out of pain and suffering. It’s time to awaken.


Empowerment: Today I will practice being the eyewitness to thought and emotion.


From the book, FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles.


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The Dance Of Awakening


  • Intend to witness my thoughts.

  • Actually witness my thoughts.

  • Unwittingly fall back into unconsciousness, submersed in thought.

  • Wake up once again to witnessing my thoughts.

  • Round and round I go. …Now I’m dancing. :)


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Patterns, Programs And Puppets

Our brains learn by repetition. When we repeat something, it is memorized within the electrical activity in the brain. Since typing has become hardwired in my brain, I am able to type quickly and effortlessly. In addition to activity, behavior can be memorized as well. Although my mind can learn how to type, or dance, it can also learn self-sabotage, defensiveness, and fear.

One of the first things a hungry baby learns is that crying somehow gets them fed. While some learned behavior perpetuates survival, if not updated, some learned behavior can get you thrown out of a restaurant.

Stepping Up For Myself

I did not control the circumstances that lent themselves to the programming that took place during my formative years. I am, however, responsible for that programming today. The good news is that I possess the power to deprogram. I have the power to break the pattern in which my reactions fire, and turn me into a puppet of resistance and misunderstanding.

Changing our programming creates the authentic, permanent changes that we work so hard to attain in our lives. Changing my programming can also be described as the making or breaking of a habit. For anyone who has ever tried to make or break a habit, you know that that can be a task that requires repetitious, consistent effort, and often much patience.

Memorized behavior is a byproduct of living life submersed in thought.


Cut The Strings

Memorized behavior is a byproduct of living life submersed in thought. Updating, or deleting unnecessary memorized behavior, must begin with this one step, this one habit, this one practice. I must begin to develop the skill of witnessing my thoughts. Witnessing them as if someone else had just said them. Witnessing them as an eyewitness. This gives me a fighting chance, and the ability to discard all thought that does not serve me. Are you REACTING to life from memorized behavior, or are you RESPONDING to life outside of the self-made identity?


I can’t put out a fire if I don’t know where it is. Today I will notice my thoughts.


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Shift Happens On Enlightening Radio

Join Gina Charles as she joins Enlightening Radio with Christine Andrew for some life-changing conversation!

Not quite sure where your life is heading or what you’re really doing? Today’s show is for you in particular but everyone can benefit from today’s lively, engaging conversation with author and illustrator Gina Charles. We consider her a new friend and we just know you’ll love her as much as we did!

Gina is the author and illustrator of her book, Shift Happens: A Layperson’s Guide to Awakening and it is wonderful! There really are things you can do to help steer your life in the direction you desire and Gina helps us walk through that and more.

We’re talking about shifting, about thoughts and beliefs, and ultimately about our consciousness and becoming more awakened in our lives! Listen in!

For more information about Gina and her books (new one out this summer!) please visit her at

Listen in here:

A special thanks to you, Christine Andrew, for all of your important work, and for the opportunity to enjoy our inspiring conversation! I had a lot of fun – you’re a blast! Thanks for staying awake with me. ;)



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The Game Of Life

I asked myself, where am I? What’s the point of this thing I call life? I now realize that this place is a benevolent construct. It’s a playground, a classroom, a game. The objective is to find all the pieces of myself, hidden in plain sight.

Seems like a fairly easy game I play with myself, except for a few variables: amnesia and sleepwalking. I pop into this dream with amnesia, I don’t remember that which I Am. In addition, I’m sleepwalking, submersed in my thoughts and beliefs, that most often do not coincide with this reality. It’s like sleepwalking in the dark, with no memory.

To awaken, is to step outside of thought. It is to be present in the moment, with no narrative soundtrack in my head. It is to experience life outside of the bubble of thought, or the filter of beliefs. When I am able to have this human experience directly, free from unnecessary thought, I am living Authentically. When I have this human experience submersed in thought, sleepwalking, unaware of what and where I am, I am living inauthentically, or what I refer to as, once removed.

The more I stay Awake, the easier I find my Truths, hidden in plain site.


Are you practicing this game of life Aware, or unaware? ….Let’s play. :)



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Sing And Dance Lately?

Let’s take a look at where are our specific wants come from. Do you want to be a basketball star because you are attracted to the prestige and respect you believe you’d get? Or, do you want to play basketball because when you do, time stops, and you feel more alive and elated than ever?

Wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants to be so busy working your butt off trying to be that great basketball star, that you never discover that painting portraits makes your heart sing?

The mind makes major decisions based upon what our, often hidden, core beliefs and desires are. Peel back the onion of your desire and discover it’s core.

The car, the house, the promotion is not the thing we are really after to begin with. Even though we believe we are damn sure of it, right down to the make and model number. Cars, houses, and promotions are just the kind of things the thinking mind assigns to our core desires. Core desires for things like prestige, security and respect. There is nothing “wrong” with that. If you are not attached to having a thing, and you simply admire it, thinking you could have a lot of fun with it, then go for it. The point is, it’s helpful to determine if your mind is really after something that you were unaware of.

Ask yourself why you want something. When you get that answer, ask why again, and again. This line of questioning will peel back your onion. If you discover a core belief that is based on untruths, or resistance to what is, you now have a chance to free yourself from it. You are now free to feel your way toward desires that serve as guidance to your best life.

What are your CORE desires? What makes your heart sing? Do your core desires coincide with what makes your heart sing?

Let your heart sing like no one’s listening, and your soul will dance like no one’s watching. :)



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Outside The Box

How do I change my life? How can I make things happen? More importantly, why are my efforts falling on what seems like the Universe’s deaf ears?  The possibility for real change seems to lie outside of what we know….and now that we know that, we can create real change. What?! What it comes down to is the concept presented in Einstein’s quote about insanity. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

Our minds are our operating systems. We know how to do the things we do because we learned them. Synapses fire off in a conditioned pattern in our brains that enable us to do the things we’ve learned to do. This also includes behavioral and emotional responses and reactions. This is why noticing our thoughts is such an empowering skill to hone. Change lies outside the box of the conditioned response. Change lies outside the box, in what is often referred to as going outside of our comfort zone.

Today, try something new. Try doing something, anything, differently than the way you usually do it. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand and get a feel for what something new feels like. Learn a new dance step. Notice your reactions, and choose a new one. Get used to stepping outside of your comfort zone, outside of your limited and constricting box. Imagine how empowering it would be to make friends with being outside the box. And that concept is well presented in a quote from my Grandma:

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. ;)


For more on personal growth:  Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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Wake Up To Your Life

Through inquiry we have the ability to see through our untrue thoughts, and thus free ourselves from being submersed in the unconsciousness of the thinking mind. We are able to free ourselves from the pain and suffering. ….It’s like being handcuffed and then realizing the key to those handcuffs was in the palm of our hand the whole time. We just forgot we had the key.  -Gina Charles

From the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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Aye-Aye Captain


We all have the same software. We all think unconsciously. What’s a thinking mind to do? There must be a way to think without the inevitability of veering off my path. The good news is, there is a way. Thinking is in my best interest when I am Present, Conscious, Aware. Conscious thinking is the kind of thinking the mind was meant to do. This was the kind of thinking the mind probably used to do before it discovered itself, gave itself a name, dressed itself up and promoted itself to Captain.  -Gina Charles

An excerpt from the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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The Crazy Train

When the mind is unconsciously submersed in unquestioned thought, it’s similar to being on a train that’s traveling so fast, that the outside scenery (Reality) is blurred.

It’s no wonder we feel tense, anxious, pressured, fearful or just plain wiped out. I’m tired just from talking about it. Realize when you’re on the Crazy Train. Then get the hell off. Jump if you have to. How? Get Present. Getting Present is the equivalent of pulling the emergency brake.  -Gina Charles

From the book Shift Happens: A Laypersons Guide To Awakening, by Gina Charles


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