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Shift Happens A Laypersons Guide To Awakening by Gina Charles

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The good news is, there is always good news.

Our happiness is an inside job and it’s totally doable. It’s so much easier than we think. We are, all of us, capable of Awakening and always seeing the good news. By the same token, by always recognizing the good news, we can Awaken. We don’t have to be a spiritual teacher or guru. We don’t have to be part of the clergy, a monk or a saint. Awakening is not reserved only for those who dedicate eight hours a day to deep meditation. It’s for nurses, farmers, writers, parents, the unemployed, the sick, and the healthy. In it we find the realization we have possessed the ability and choices all along. It is prefaced with the Ah-Ha moment of distinguishing between Consciousness and unconsciousness. We all have the ability to wake up from the dream. The life of our dreams lies in Awakening IN the dream. Let’s go.




The moment I acknowledged that seemingly constant, underlying feeling that something felt awry, it sparked the questions. I’m sure you’re familiar with the questions I’m referring to. I bet you have asked yourself the same things. Where am I, really, and for that matter, who am I? In pursuit of the answers I’ve noticed behavior, reasoning, desire, fear and the subsequent need to control it all. It took me awhile to realize that it’s not as much about discovering the best way to navigate through this human experience as it is to just have it. More specifically, my gratitude lies in the realization that just having it is the best way to navigate it.

I’m using my notes on this human experience to point to the shifts that usher us into living an Awakened life. It’s about discovering that we are the keepers of our own happiness, and the key to our best life has been in our back pocket all along. What this book is not, is an attempt to change your mind about anything. That’s your job. I can liken the writing of this book to making you a sandwich. I can make you a sandwich, but I can’t eat or digest it for you. Only you can do that. I can write the words in this book, but I can’t give you Conscious expansion. The hungrier you are, the better the sandwich tastes. Spiritual growth, Conscious expansion, getting closer to God, gaining control, freeing yourself, finding your life purpose or the life of your dreams, all have the same thing in common. It’s really an inside job. This is a journey for which we have shown up fully equipped. We have everything we need including the road map.



 Part One: The Bigger Picture…

We are already whole and complete. Sometimes we get sidetracked, we forget, we get caught up in misunderstanding and untruths – our own. This book speaks about seeing through the misunderstanding and untruths. It speaks about who, what and where we are and what we have to work with. It speaks about how to wake up from the unconsciousness, how to remember, and how to live an Awakened life. All the words are pointing to the same place we all long for. We are all headed toward happy. Sometimes we lose our way, and even that serves a greater purpose. Here we are, and I for one am emptying my pockets for the peaceful bliss and happiness I innately know is in there. Among a few other purposes, I came here to live happily and to have big fun. I can feel I’m heading North. I’m getting the hang of navigating. I’m glad I took notes along the way.


Nothing gets off the ground until the runway is clear. Let’s clear the runway.


Shift Happens A Laypersons Guide To Awakening by Gina Charles


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