Finding Your Heart’s Desire


I read a true story once about a guy who suddenly became inexplicably interested in photography. He surrendered to this strong desire, and indulged himself. One day he came across a flyer advertising a free local photography meeting, and decided to attend. When he got there, he was a bit disappointed to find a group of mostly seniors, sharing stories about their photographs.


He decided to duck out early. As he walked down the stairs at the front of the building, he heard the door open behind him. A young woman, who was in the same meeting, decided to leave early as well. He stopped to talk to her. Turns out, they hit it off and began dating. They ended up falling in love and getting married.


Authentic living and spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles

Nonsensical Serendipity

Finding the right woman and marrying was something this man had deeply desired. The interesting thing is, right after he met this woman, his ardent desire to learn about photography had disappeared. Had he not allowed himself to follow his new desire, his life may have gone very differently. He let himself enjoy his inexplicable, nonsensical interest in photography, and in addition, it led him to something even greater.


Learning how to gift ourselves with the things that make us happy in the moment, is extremely advantageous. 


If you feel drawn to something, let yourself get a closer look. Try it. It’s about how much you’re enjoying it, not how well you do at it.


Your heart’s desires, outside of reason, are the crumbs that lead to the life of your dreams.


Don’t worry if the mind can’t figure out what you will do with your new-found ability to build bird houses out of old chop sticks. Figuring things out is not required. The only thing that is required is allowing yourself to partake in the enjoyment. 


Authentic living and spiritual awakening with Gina Charles - finding your heart's desire.


Stay Awake, and follow the scent of your own feel-good. 😉


EMPOWERMENT: Today I will gift myself with the things that make my insides smile.


Authentic living with Gina Charles - finding your heart's desire

From the book, FUEL Your Life, by Gina Charles.

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