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A slideshow of quotes from the book, FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles

FUEL Your Life A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening by Gina Charles


Beyond The Words

A hungry man told me he was starving. I made him a sandwich. Others made him sandwiches. The hungry man collected up the sandwiches, and died of starvation.

To experience the effects of food, we must eat, and digest it. To experience the effects of spiritual knowledge, we must eat and digest it. Collecting spiritual information is like collecting sandwiches, and then starving to death.

Digesting spiritual knowledge is to go beyond the analytical or conceptual understanding. It is to go beyond the words, into a visceral knowing, from a perspective previously unseen. This is also known as a realization. The portal to Conscious expansion, or spiritual awakening, is a series of inner shifts, or realizations.

 The Real You

What’s really happening underneath the people, places and
things in our lives, is this journey back to Self. This is not to imply that our purpose is to serve and embellish the mind-made identity. Rather it is to infer that the real you, lies just outside of that mind-made identity. Who are you apart from your descriptions and beliefs?

FUEL Your Life

Over time, my efforts toward self-growth have evolved into a four-point, foundational practice. I flow emotion, exercise unconditional acceptance, am the eyewitness to thought and emotion, and I practice lucidity. Practicing these four perspectives in my everyday life, has been the precursor to powerful realizations. These realizations have not only offered a way out of pain and suffering, but have also offered the clarity of a new way to have this human adventure.

FUEL Your Life is a 4-point practice, offering pocket-sized, authentic living perspectives that can be applied to anyone’s everyday life. It is for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Have your sandwich, and eat it too.

Fifty Shades Of Awakening

A painful situation, is a realization that hasn’t happened yet. The fifty shades listed in this book, stand as an open invitation for realization. The shades are our everyday life experiences, such as anger, stress, relationships, even gratitude and joy. Each shade, or experience, is looked at via FUEL Your Life. Let’s go beyond the words, and experience the inner shift of realization. I’m not asking you to believe a word I say. I’m inviting you to try it for yourself. There is another way to have this human adventure.



Gina Charles

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.
-Buddhist Proverb

I live as if life is a message to me. If something hurts, it is either untrue, or I am in resistance. When this realization rises up, pain and suffering fall away. Imagine how different this human experience would have been, having been taught that nifty little trick as a child.

We spend time chasing a certain kind of life, when we’re not present for the one we already have. For it is the life that I have, in all its unbiased isness, that points me in the direction of my highest good.

Carrots And Carts

When I realized that I am the one who is responsible for my life experience, and the only one who can save or enlighten me, I decided to scrape together enough self-worth to show up for myself. Realizing that I was worth the effort, was the carrot that I dangled in front of my baggage-laden cart.

Until I experienced this realization, my thinking mind wove all kinds of knight-in-shining-armor stories. I looked outside of myself for something to swoop me up and get me to the safe and happy place; a job, a move, a project, a person. Some knights in shining armor were handsome, others rushed in as chocolate cake. Then there were the knights, that at the hint of my despair, would drop into protective formation to light my cigarette.

My life was trying to tell me something. It was showing me what I believed about it. It was offering sign posts toward my best, authentic life. I was too busy listening to the fearbased guesswork of the thinking mind. We don’t have to believe that life is fair, to take responsibility for where we are right now. We don’t have to wait until life squeezes so hard, that it feels difficult to breathe. We don’t have to wait to be happy.

Authentic Living

It is possible to see beyond misunderstanding and resistance, and to wake up out of pain and suffering. We can
step into peace and possibility, and discover passion and purpose. This book is about finding your power, and learning
how to live it.

We long to put down our baggage, and empty our closets. We want to be comfortable and secure, connecting to this human adventure wholeheartedly. Free to be whoever we really are, outside of who we think we should or could be. We crave passion and dream of life purpose. We long to honor our truths like we’re not doing anything wrong. We long to love ourselves enough to live authentically.


The life of my dreams is an authentic life experience.


If I don’t experience an authentic life, I won’t experience the life I’ve been longing for. The life of my dreams is an
authentic life experience. Life can never be as good, as when lived authentically. When I find, face and honor my truths, I flow with the current of my highest good. This is authentic living. For that I must get real with myself, come clean, kiss honesty on the mouth and surrender into the unknown. It makes a thinking mind want to run screaming in resistance.

Filters Or Freedom

A premise through which I view life, is a filter. Today I may see everything through the filter of stress. Tomorrow I may view life through the filter of fear, or worthlessness. Viewing and participating in life through filters, skews and limits my life experience.

The greatest filter of all is the mind-made identity. We live our lives in service to it. If our minds value intelligence, we study. If we live in fear, we hide or fight. If we want to be accepted, loved, or successful, we cater to cultivating an accomplished identity.


Ironically, protecting and enhancing the story of the mind-made identity, becomes the very limitation in which we live.


When we don’t recognize this dynamic, we end up living our lives going back and forth between what feels good, and what feels bad. Ironically, protecting and enhancing the story of the mind-made identity, becomes the very limitation in which we live.

It is possible to experience life directly, without the filter of the mind-made identity, or unnecessary thought. This is the space of authenticity. Here, I am lucid. I am present, outside of a story line, in the comfort and peace of unconditional acceptance. In lucidity, I have found healing, serendipity, and real joy. Not that thought-made, synthetic joy that the thinking mind manufactures. I go from contorting myself trying to make change happen, to noticing change happen for me. In this state, I see that pain and suffering are optional.

Going beyond the logical understanding into an innate knowing, is what this whole adventure is about. It’s not about saying, it’s about seeing for yourself. When I began to view life with my mind’s mouth shut, reality appeared, and changed everything.


FUEL Your Life A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening by Gina Charles



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