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This website is dedicated to you finding your power and learning to LIVE it. It’s time to take mindfulness to a new level, and to live Authentically. It’s time to learn something new:


Authentic living with Gina Charles. Beyond mindfulness is Authentic living for body, mind and soul.


  • Become who you are outside of the mind-made identity.

  • Step out of pain and suffering.

  • Change old programming that keeps you stuck.

  • Respond, rather than react to life.

  • Experience enhanced relationships.

  • Live your life on purpose.




FUEL is a 4-point practice facilitating transformation through metacognitive conditioning. Authentic living, beyond mindfulness is authenticity.

What is FUEL? Transformation, Healing, Awakening, Through Metacognitive Conditioning.


Authentic Living with Gina Charles. Awareness, Conscious Expansion, beyond mindfulness is authenticity

Awareness Rising. You are not breaking down. You are breaking through.




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Thought: Are You  In The Box?




Authentic Living with Gina Charles. Beyond mindfulness is Authenticity.


What is Awakening

and Authentic Living?





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Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity