How To Wake Up To Life

Authenic Living with Gina Charles

Analytic Inebriation

The thinking mind has two priorities. The first is to think, and the other is to enhance the mind-made identity. Make no mistake, the thinking mind will take every opportunity to do what it does best, think. In a way, you can’t blame it. It’s only doing what it was made to do.

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Excessive thought, however intoxicating, is not necessary to my well-being or existence. Unwarranted thought eventually produces bad feelings. The bad feelings are the messengers, the sign posts, that we are engulfed in gratuitous thought.


A Living Meditation


To be lucid is to be present in the moment, outside of unnecessary thought. It is to perceive life without narration. From this space I’m able to acknowledge thought if it pops up, without falling unconscious into a story.

Authentic Living with Gina Charles, personal transformation through self-empowerment.

When I step outside of surplus thought that is nonessential to my survival, I wake up to life. I cut down on the inner static and am better able to hear and/or feel Guidance. I enter the space of opportunity, and allow novel ideas to surface. I beckon the muse, and open the door to intuition. Reasoning guesses, intuition knows. Lucidity is a living meditation.


Snow Globe Of The Frontal Lobe


The thinking mind is like a snow globe. The tiny specs of glitter that float around inside are like thoughts, beliefs and stories. Stories about who we think we are, and our life experience. The snow globe of the frontal lobe pumps out evaluations, judgements, and opinions. This is the kind of thinking that is unnecessary. Thinking that my life does not depend on. This type of thinking becomes the bubble through which I try to live my life.

Gina Charles' Illustration of awakening to the Snow Globe of the Frontal Lobe

When thought is the foreground of life, reality becomes the background.


To live as our true Selves, outside of the globe of thought, we must switch states. The absence of the mind’s chatty and unfounded supposition, opens the space for clarity to emerge.


In lucidity, reality becomes the forefront of my experience, and thought becomes the background.


I wake up to the bigger picture of my situation. I begin to see reality, instead of the mind’s version of it. I recognize sign posts pointing to my highest good. In this state I have a direct connection to the people in my life, and to life itself. Here, we experience life peacefully, with that subtle, underlying buzz of excitement.

Authentic Living with Gina Charles, personal transformation through self-empowerment.

This is authentic living, stepping out of the limitations of unnoticed, unexamined thinking. This is where life gets real, juicy even. This is where the mind stops talking about life, and you experience it.


Step into unbound possibility.


Becoming the eyewitness to thought is a practice worth exercising. When we wake up out of the snow globe of the frontal lobe, we wake up to our lives, and step into the field of unbound possibility, serendipity, and abundance. This is the space of miracles, that have your name on them.

Authentic Living with Gina Charles, personal transformation through self-empowerment.

There is a field….I’ll meet you there.


What magic have you experienced in lucidity?

Authentic Living with Gina Charles, personal transformation through self-empowerment.

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