I’m Disconnected – Plug me in!

If I am (mentally) always over there – over there in what other’s think, feel, say, do or want, I’m not here, with myself. I’m not here to put my focus on what I think, feel, say, do or want. I have abandoned me. 
If I pay my Attention to what I feel, think, want and most importantly, what makes ME happy, then I can really experience life. How could I experience life if I’m always over there putting my focus on what others think, feel, say, do or want? I can’t. Then, I ultimately suffer.
First, I must be here with myself. I must learn to do this. I must get good at it. That’s the only way I will do what I’m longing to do…experience life….enjoy life – what I came here for. 
I will retrain myself to notice ME. If I’m always mentally over there pleasing and appeasing others, I have abandoned myself and ultimately my own happiness. I’m simply not here to have it. 
Being here (mentally) with myself and really experiencing the moments of my life, now enables me to share it with others. 

This was the feeling of disconnection. I was disconnected from myself.
Only in connecting with myself, can I connect with others. 

Only in connecting with myself, can I experience life. 
Today I will:  
-Notice me
-Be with me
-Care for me

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