Intend And Conquer

It’s early. I can hear the birds chirping outside while sipping my coffee. I have the whole day ahead of me. There are things I’d love to do, and things I have to do. Then it dawned on me. If I have access to the control panel of this ride, then maybe I should begin my day in a more empowering way, instead of at the mercy of where the chips may fall.

I’m aware that my thinking mind engages in things with the same 2 consistent intentions. The mind’s ultimate intention is to enhance or improve the identity in some way, and it is satiated by the thought of more thinking – any kind of thinking.


This is not the best use of my resources. In fact, this is starting the race asleep at the wheel.


I will begin my next endeavor from a different perspective, and anticipate an improved result. I will begin by asking myself:


Authentic living with Gina Charles


What are you truly hoping for, sweetheart?

If my answer feels anything other than yummy in the tummy, I will reconsider the endeavor from the inside out. I will let my gut be my guide. If my answers feel good, I will have shifted into feel-good, AKA power-mode.


No holds barred, What are your intentions, baby cakes?

This is where I get real. If my answer tastes bad, I’ll spit it out and reconsider my position from the seat of my gut. If it tastes good, I will have forged a powerful trajectory.


What’s the most important part of this for you, darling?

If the answer feels good to me, that’s a go. If it feels bad, slow or no.


When it’s a MUST!….


So what about the stuff that must be done in the moment, like cooking for the kids, or completing something for a deadline? Then I’ll whip out my power questions:


What’s the best possible outcome, sweet cheeks?


How can I do this easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably, you genius you?


Why bother? Because it’s never about the WHAT. It’s always about the HOW. And HOW we’re doing things right now dictates WHAT we will encounter tomorrow.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I intend to stay awake and make the best use of my resources, easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably.


What intentions will you set today?


For more on how to live authentically, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT Happens. ;)

Gina Charles

About Gina Charles

Gina Charles writes about spiritual awakening and authentic living with wit and practicality. She is the author and illustrator of, Shift Happens, A Layperson's Guide To Awakening, and FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening. Gina is also the founder of the New World Living dot com.

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