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Enlightening Radio with Christine Andrew

Christine Andrew talks to Gina Charles


Not quite sure where your life is heading or what you’re really doing? Today’s show is for you in particular but everyone can benefit from today’s lively, engaging conversation with author and illustrator Gina Charles. We consider her a new friend and we just know you’ll love her as much as we did! Listen to the show!


 How To Live A Mindful Lifestyle

Kelly Orchard talks to Gina Charles


Kelly Orchard talks to Gina Charles in an info-packed 15 minutes, highlighting how to practice mindful living, on the What Women Want to Talk About Podcast: Episode 11. Click here to listen in!



Tools for Personal Healing

The Pamela Marie Edmunds Show

Pamela Marie Edmunds talks to Gina Charles


Great conversation with Pamela and Gina regarding the shift that is spiritual Awakening. Are you Awakening? You can listen in on the conversation by clicking here!


Dare To Be Authentic Radio Show

Host Mari Mitchell-Porter talks to Gina Charles

Monday 6/10/13 at 1:30 and 7:30 pm EST -live only

Encores: Saturday 6/15/13 at 1:30 and 7:30 pm EST – sorry, live only, this show is not archived.

How do you find your authentic self? And what does it mean to live an authentic life?  My guest, Gina Charles, author and illustrator of the book “Shift Happens” will be talking about living authentically and she will be sharing her living meditation F.U.E.L. Your Life, and how it can help you live a joyful, authentic life. – Sorry, this show is not archived.



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 Madamesque Magazine

 Article: How To Wake Up To Life


Spirit Magazine

Gina Charles - Article: The Real Law of Attraction

Metaphysical poetry by Gina Charles, Spirit Magazine

Article: The Real Law of Attraction, Spirit Magazine


New Age Journal

 Article: To Know Myself, New Age Journal


Spirituality and Community

  Excerpt from SHIFT HAPPENS, Spirituality and Community Magazine


Wisdom Magazine

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way To a Life Purpose

 Article as seen in More To Life Magazine, UK. Winter 2011 Edition 18

Read the article in Wisdom Magazine

 A Funny Thing Happened on My Way To a Life Purpose






Business Beat Live with John Troland

 Book interview on Business Beat Live, local Tri-State area show.

Visit Gina Charles TV for video of the show.


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Barnes & Noble


Pleasant Valley, NY Library

The Pleasant Valley Library, Poughkeepsie, NY



 Discounted books will be available. Partial proceeds go to benefit the Pleasant Valley Library.