Miracles Welcome

Being in resistance is like pressing yourself up against the door, making sure your little miracle can’t get in. Acceptance of what is, welcomes miracles into your life.

Gina Charles

About Gina Charles

Gina Charles writes about spiritual awakening and authentic living with wit and practicality. She is the author and illustrator of, Shift Happens, A Layperson's Guide To Awakening, and FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening. Gina is also the founder of the New World Living dot com.

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One Response to Miracles Welcome

  1. Isa November 23, 2012 at 11:03 am #

    In his book The Last Lecture, the late Randy Pautsch wrote that brick walls are not there to stop you, they are there to make you prove how much you want something.If you were to ask 100 very sufcesscul people for the secret of their success, most of them (maybe even all of them) will say some variation of this: I didn’t quit when things really got tough, and I didn’t quit when everyone else thought I was a failure.There are many words for it: perseverance, determination, stamina, sticktoitiveness, but whatever you call it, this much is sure: if you are going to be sufcesscul at achieving your goals, you’re going to need it.This much else is sure: there is no determination gene. It is a skill you cultivate, and it is a decision you make every day.