New World Living

In 2008 my love for design and spirituality coalesced, and I started New World Apparel. I sold apparel and accessories online, with my original, “high-vibe” graphic artwork. The tag line was, “For people changing the world, 1 good vibe at a time….spread the vibe.”


New World Living by  Gina CharlesFast forward to 2017. With almost no budget and a lot of elbow grease, New World Apparel morphed into New World Living! An eCommerce site catering to your healthy, authentic lifestyle; body, mind and soul.


In addition to the high-vibe apparel and accessories, I now offer an expanded catalog of products and resources.


NEW WORLD LIVING’s mission statement:

Transformation through self-empowerment.


Come grow with us. Enjoy our empowering posts. Gear up for the road less traveled.


Together we grow. Together we can change the world.
Namaste. :)


NEW WORLD LIVING caters to your Authentic lifestyle, body, mind and soul. We offer tools and products for transformation through self-empowerment; for people changing the world, 1 good vibe at a time….spread the vibe. 


Mission Statement Video:


Apparel Look Book:

New World Living. 

New view. New you. New world.


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New World Living with Gina Charles. Authentic living for body, mind and soul.

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