Positive Thinking: The Valley Of Faux Mercy

Authentic living and spiritual growth and awakening with Gina CharlesI value the power of positive thinking. Until I can step outside of, or turn thought off completely, I can choose positive thought. If I’m going to live in a story, I’ll at least try to make it a good one.


That said, be leery not to wander too far into The Valley of Faux Mercy. The thinking mind likes this place, as it perpetuates thinking. Whether I am submersed in negative thought, or I am submersed in positive thought, I am still submersed in thought. 


It’s all still thought. 


Negative thought hurts right away, and positive thought has the potential to bring temporary relief. The ebb and flow between the two allows me to rest just long enough to endure another struggle. Around, and around I go.


Using the power of positive thinking helps to turn my ship around. Happy is better than sad any day. 


But there’s something more, something even better. 


storiesUse positive thought to get you closer to the gate of lucidity. That mentally silent state of Awareness where you perceive without the mind constantly chiming in. That state of clarity, that feels sort of like falling in love. You know, that other way to have this human adventure. 


It’s easier for the mind to go from happy thought, to no thought, than it is for the mind to go from feel-bad thought, to no thought. So if you find yourself in the Valley of Faux Mercy, don’t stop there, keep going. There’s something more, there’s something better. 


When you perceive without the mind’s opinions, you are lucid. You are free. Welcome home. 


EMPOWERMENT: The less judgement I have, the more I see.


Authentic living and spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles - beyond positive thinking

From the book, FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles

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