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Shift Happens, takes a metaphysical look at this human adventure and our ability to Awaken into our best life. You could change your life without even changing your shoes.

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amazon5star By Judy Maxwell

I just finished your fantastic book! The title “Shift Happens” is so appropriate because as I have been reading I was creating shifts. Your book is so instructional and so much in the now that it can’t help but create shifts in our consciousness. It kept me checking in with my higher self. Kept pointing me in the right direction. I was noticing when my mind wanted to take over and I would and start thinking too many ego thoughts, i would catch myself and quiet my mind. You show us our own wonderful spirit. You didn’t miss a trick when you pointed out what we do when letting our thinking mind run away with us. I know I will re-read this book. It was so packed with the here and now. I hope you know that you have the capacity to effect change in this world. I love your image of a pond. It was a very clear way of explaining the different layers of ourselves. With the universe and the Good consciousness every thing will always happen to our benefit.

Your a new world thinker and I’m sure you were lead to write this book with all the right ways to make that shift. Just what we all need to hear at this point in life. Thank for being you and spreading this “be here now.” Thank you for writing this book and am looking forward to reading the new one. This book can change any bodies consciousness that is willing to read it. I feel that you again were very inclusive and put it in simple concepts and never talked over anyone else’s abilities. People that read your book will see themselves and be able to make that shift. Read this book people. It will make you happy.


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