Reasoning Or Intuition?

Reasoning guesses. Intuition knows. 


Realization, spiritual awakening with Gina CharlesThe most the thinking mind can do on its own, is play with logic and percentages. That’s like running around in a circle. While it can be fun, eventually you’ll notice that you’re not getting anywhere.


This is how you’re having the human experience, until you notice that you’ve been running around in a cerebral circle.


It is then, the magic begins.


Become the eyewitness to thought, so that you can move thought aside to connect with Self, higher Intelligence, Intuition. Reasoning guesses. Intuition knows.


Are you reasoning or intuiting your life? 


For more on the practice of being the eyewitness, see: FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I will be the eyewitness to thought, so that I may quiet the mental chatter, and listen. 


Intuition trumps reasoning. Authentic living and spiritual growth with Gina Charles


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Gina Charles writes about spiritual awakening and authentic living with wit and practicality. She is the author and illustrator of, Shift Happens, A Layperson's Guide To Awakening, and FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening. Gina is also the founder of the New World Living dot com.

One Response to Reasoning Or Intuition?

  1. Rochelle June 21, 2015 at 12:53 pm #

    I agree that reasoning alone has its limits. Nice post!