Rescue Yourself: Find The Hole In Your Boat


One day I noticed that in my mind, I lived in a dangerous place. A place where the unknown is scary and the way things looked, I may not make it. I may not make it to the end of the month with enough money. I may not make a deadline. I may not be able to keep up with….get, find, create….whatever. It’s a feel-bad space. And now, I’ve noticed how often I live there.






Rescue yourself - Authentic Living with Gina Charles

One day I noticed that in my mind, I occasionally lived in a safe and secure place. A place where the unknown is exciting and the way things looked I may make it with flying colors. I may have extra money, and smack something down before a deadline. I can keep up with….get, find, create….whatever. It’s a feel-good space. And now, I’ve noticed how infrequently I live there.






Why? Why would I live from the feel-bad space more often than not?


One day I noticed that in my mind, the mind had a hard time letting things be easy.



Rescue yourself. Authentic living with Gina Charles.

And there was the hole in my boat.


You can’t fix a leak if you don’t know where it’s coming from. So, noticing is always the first step in finding a hole in your own boat.





When the program finally sees itself, that’s when you can make authentic change.



Practice being the eyewitness to thought.


Call Yourself Out

Inside yourself, honestly take responsibility for your experience, and realize that it’s between you and your unmonitored thinking that dictates your outcomes and life experiences.


Do Something Differently

This is the part that begins to rewrite the bad programming. Any time that you notice the “pull” of the mind to do the feel-bad thinking, do something differently. Sit with it wordlessly, sing a song, focus on something feel-good, etc. Anything you do in that moment, apart from give in to the mental “pull”, you are putting a nice dent in that bad programming. Even if you only do it for a few seconds at a time, here and there. All those seconds add up to create authentic change. Baby steps get you free.



Today, I will notice the mind splashing around in feel-bad thought, and instead, I will let things be easy.





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