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Feeling stuck, running in place? Or do you find yourself in the middle of major change? Learn to read the sign posts of your life and baby-step your way to the life that’s waiting for you. The Universe does rise to meet you. Learn how.


It’s time to get unstuck & let shift happen.


Sara Troy on Self Discovery Radio focuses on showcasing the work that people and organizations are doing globally, in helping to redirect the world to live a more meaningful and liberating life.

Authentic Living with  Gina Charles interview on Self Discovery Radio .com with Sara Troy

Listen in to this powerful interview where Sara Troy and Gina Charles discuss what it’s like to change direction in life, live Authentically, and create Authentic transformation through self-empowerment.


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You can also listen directly on the Self Discovery Radio Website: Click here to check it out. 


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Authentic Living with Gina Charles. New view. New you. New world. Beyond mindfulness is Authentic Living. LIVE your power.

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