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The Duality of Magic Wands

What is the duality of our Awareness?

human-experThe duality of this human experience is Consciousness and unconsciousness. When I am awake and aware, noticing, witnessing the stream of mental talkity-talk, I am lucid, I am Conscious, I am Awake, I am on.

When I am no longer witnessing the stream of mental commentary and become submerged in it, I am sleepwalking, unconscious, I’m off. I forget that I am not my mind-made identity, that I am Something much greater. I forget that I’m in a benevolent construct, a lucid dream that’s waiting at the ready for me to awaken to my best life. When I’m off, unconscious, I forget who I am, where I am, and how this place works.


Well That Explains A lot

So our attention, or what we put our focus on in the “off” state, in unconsciousness, while we are submersed in unnoticed, unexamined thought, is what we get more of in our lives. Huh. That’s like running with scissors and one shoe lace untied. But don’t despair, because…. 


Our Attention, in Consciousness, is a magic wand in a field of infinite possibility. 


Authentic Living with Gina Charles - Your focus is your magic wand


It is an enchanted paintbrush, manifesting a human adventure that surpasses the mind’s limited imaginings. 

Recognizing the duality of your magic wand will change your life experience.


Use the power of your Lucid Attention. 


You’re Awakened state is the magic and the mind’s focus is the wand.

Wield your powers for good. ;)


Authentic Living and Spiritual Growth with Gina Charles - Your Awakened focus is your magic wand.


You can find out more about your magic wand, here: FUEL Your Life and Shift Happens. ;)

If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video



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Change Your Reality

There is only Consciousness and unconsciousness.

The Human Experience, an illustration from the book FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles - Thought vs. Reality


We are either Awake, witnessing thought while it happens, or we are sleepwalking, having and believing unnoticed, unexamined thought at the same time it happens. 


We are either Lucid, or we are submerged in thought unawares.


These thoughts and beliefs create our

reality, and how we experience our lives.


Right now. Try this:

  • Unclench your teeth.

  • Relax your shoulders.

  • Notice and loosen all contracted muscles.

  • Take 1 slow, deep, relaxing breath.


Doesn’t that feel better? If you were able to do any of the above, know that you were undoing what unnoticed, unexamined thought caused. If you sat here reading this and didn’t notice that your teeth were clenched, or your shoulders were up around your ears, or your muscles contracted, or whatever other uncomfortable, unnoticed thing was happening, those are sign posts, taps on the shoulder, that you were unconscious. Unnoticed, unexamined thought preceded your uncomfortable physical state. Imagine that.


When we notice thought, we wake up to the bigger picture and free ourselves.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I will be the Eyewitness to thought, cutting the strings of unconsciousness and stepping out into the field of infinite possibilities.


Authentic Living and Spiritual Awakening with Gina Charles - wake up out of thought into  the joy of Reality

Snip, snip! ;)


For more on cutting your strings of unconsciousness, see: FUEL Your Life, and SHIFT happens.

If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video



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Getting Unstuck

denialHonoring my Truths is a fancy way of saying surrender.

It is to unconditionally accept the isness of the moment, no matter how much it makes me want to spit, run, or fall to my knees. Whether my car was stolen, or I really wanted to decline a party I said yes to, I must surrender/accept  what is, in order to honor my truths.


It took me a long time to sit with that inner burn of acceptance. But little by little, as my own smoke cleared, my mind began to notice how that inner burning and churning recycled itself into my own personal rocket fuel. With baby steps, I practiced being with the burn of acceptance, and I got better and better at it.


Authentic Living with Gina Charles. Honor Truth get unstuck. Beyond mindfulness is Authenticity.


The one essential key is to suspend mental activity.


I must stop reasoning and telling the story while I witness the feelings rise and fall, if I want authentic Truth-honoring to work its magic.


I’ve discovered that when I feel stuck, when it feels like the Universe is holding me captive and I can’t make things better no matter how hard I try, the teeth-gritting burn of acceptance is always at my disposal. Somehow, this refills my tank. Somehow it loosens the glue that has me stuck. Somehow it propels me forward.



Gina Charles New World Living -Honor Your Truths and get unstuck

It may taste bad going down, but once it’s down there, the experience of acceptance gets recycled into butt-kicking magic. It gets me unstuck. It gets me free. Give it a try.


  • Face the isness of the moment.

  • Notice any feel-bad.

  • In complete mental silence, watch the feeling rise and fall away.

  • Stay out of the story.


Congratulations, you have just used your innate tools. The very tools that can change your life experience as you know it. Welcome to freedom. Welcome to Authentic living. Use your powers for good. ;)


You have nothing to lose, except the denial that’s holding you down.


From the book, FUEL Your Life. For more on unconditional acceptance and getting unstuck: Watch the FUEL video, read an excerpt.

If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video



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Intend And Conquer

It’s early. I can hear the birds chirping outside while sipping my coffee. I have the whole day ahead of me. There are things I’d love to do, and things I have to do. Then it dawned on me. If I have access to the control panel of this ride, then maybe I should begin my day in a more empowering way, instead of at the mercy of where the chips may fall.

I’m aware that my thinking mind engages in things with the same 2 consistent intentions. The mind’s ultimate intention is to enhance or improve the identity in some way, and it is satiated by the thought of more thinking – any kind of thinking.


This is not the best use of my resources. In fact, this is starting the race asleep at the wheel.


I will begin my next endeavor from a different perspective, and anticipate an improved result. I will begin by asking myself:


Authentic living with Gina Charles


What are you truly hoping for, sweetheart?

If my answer feels anything other than yummy in the tummy, I will reconsider the endeavor from the inside out. I will let my gut be my guide. If my answers feel good, I will have shifted into feel-good, AKA power-mode.


No holds barred, What are your intentions, baby cakes?

This is where I get real. If my answer tastes bad, I’ll spit it out and reconsider my position from the seat of my gut. If it tastes good, I will have forged a powerful trajectory.


What’s the most important part of this for you, darling?

If the answer feels good to me, that’s a go. If it feels bad, slow or no.


When it’s a MUST!….


So what about the stuff that must be done in the moment, like cooking for the kids, or completing something for a deadline? Then I’ll whip out my power questions:


What’s the best possible outcome, sweet cheeks?


How can I do this easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably, you genius you?


Why bother? Because it’s never about the WHAT. It’s always about the HOW. And HOW we’re doing things right now dictates WHAT we will encounter tomorrow.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I intend to stay awake and make the best use of my resources, easily, effortlessly, and most importantly, enjoyably.


What intentions will you set today?


For more on how to live authentically, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT Happens. ;)

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What To Do If You Can’t Get Over It

It happened, but it’s not happening right now, and yet you’re still hurting.

While mentally submersed in a painful story, you suffer. Mentally detached from the story, you are free.



The mind’s unwillingness to see beyond the story is the resistance that holds you captive. Be willing to see a bigger picture, recognizing what the mind may have overlooked. Giving even just one of the following practices a shot, may be just the crowbar the mind’s resistance needs.


Flow Emotions

Flowing Emotion is not a retelling of a story.  This practice entails witnessing wordless emotion at the same time you are experiencing it. You may momentarily grieve, mourn or sob. Watch it. Do not fall into the story. Allow emotion to rise and melt away, all in mental silence. The transformed energy is personal rocket fuel.


Accept Unconditionally

Acceptance does not mean you like or agree with whatever happened. It simply means that you accept that it did happen. This frees up the energy being wasting on resistance, to be better used elsewhere. In acceptance, you open the door to miracles. Go with the flow, because the flow goes toward your authentic freedom, healing and happiness.


Be The Eyewitness

Intend to wake up to the thoughts romping through your head. Notice them. This empowers you to recognize untrue thoughts. It enables you to discard thoughts that do not serve, rather than just have and believe unnoticed, feel-bad thinking. It allows you to put out the fire, instead of getting lost in fighting the smoke. Be the Eyewitness to thought.


Practice Lucidity

To be lucid is to mentally step out of the perpetual mental commentary. It is to experience the present moment with a quiet mind. Lucidity is a direct connection to Guidance, and to your own power, Self. To be Lucid is to perceive without analytical evaluation. Lucidity is a living meditation.


Rinse and Repeat

You possess the innate ability to experience each practice. Choose FOR you, you’re worth it.

Rinse and repeat until realizations rise up independently from within, and pain and suffering fall away. Rest assured, somewhere in what hurts lies the gift of growth and empowerment.


Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Hurt - What to do if you can't get over it.


EMPOWERMENT: Reach inside of hurt and learn from it, emerging free and empowered, like a phoenix from ashes.


If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


Find books by Gina Charles at:

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iBooks and iTunes US

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FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video



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What Is FUEL Your Life?

FUEL a living meditation by Gina Charles. Beyond mindfulness is Authentic Living

What is FUEL, And How Can I FUEL My Life?

What’s the use of collecting more knowledge if you’re not living it?

FUEL is a 4-point living meditation, woven into the fabric of everyday life. These are Authentic living concepts that anyone can live, anytime, anywhere. The real power lies in exercising these pocket-sized tools.

These practices awaken innate abilities, and help to build metacognitive skills. 


The mind is the ultimate computer. It is not only able to recognize its own programming, it is also capable of reprograming itself. When we wake up to this dynamic, AKA metacognitive thought, or the experience of the program recognizing itself, it puts us in a new position. A position of power. A position of authentic change.

To more easily remember the four practices, I created the acronym, FUEL.



Flow emotion, accept unconditionally, be the eyewitness and practice Lucidity.


F – Flow emotion
Today I will live my life from the inside out.

U – Accept Unconditionally
Today I will make reality my friend and teacher.

E – Be the Eyewitness
Today I will be the eyewitness to thought, so that I may discard those that do not serve.

L – Step into Lucidity
Today I will exercise Lucidity by perceiving life with little to no mental commentary.


Let’s go beyond understanding concepts, and LIVE our power.

There is another way to have this human adventure.



I have come fully equipped for this adventure. Today I intend to FUEL my life.


From the book, FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening, by Gina Charles

If this information resonates with you and you’d like to learn more:


For more on Authentic Living, see books by Gina Charles at:

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Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


iBooks and iTunes US

iBooks and iTunes UK

FUEL excerpt, slideshow & video




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Is The Universe Whispering In Your Ear?


You know how your mind is always talking inside your head? It asks questions, evaluates, and judges almost continually. It’s no wonder we attach to and fall unconscious into thought. Sometimes, to the detriment of our own good.

Listening for Guidance and self-empowerment



What if the Universe has been whispering in your ear all along?




What if the mind quieted down just long enough to recognize its own rambling?


When thought recognizes itself, discomfort falls away.


What if the mind quieted down just long enough to notice emotion as a messenger or sign post?


What excites my soul is really a sign post that says, “Keep Walking This Way.”


What if the mind quieted down just long enough to catch the magic carpet ride of inspiration?


Mental chaos keeps the muse at bay. Mental quietude invites the muse to play.


What if the mind quieted down just long enough?


We’d hear the Universe unfailingly whispering the way to our highest good.


Authentic Living and Spiritual Awakening with Gina Charles

EMPOWERMENT: Today I will be the eyewitness to thought and emotion.


 For more on quieting the mind, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT happens. ;)


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How To Wake Up To Life

Authenic Living with Gina Charles

Analytic Inebriation

The thinking mind has two priorities. The first is to think, and the other is to enhance the mind-made identity. Make no mistake, the thinking mind will take every opportunity to do what it does best, think. In a way, you can’t blame it. It’s only doing what it was made to do.

Excessive thought, however intoxicating, is not necessary to my well-being or existence. Unwarranted thought eventually produces bad feelings. The bad feelings are the messengers, the sign posts, that we are engulfed in gratuitous thought.


A Living Meditation


To be lucid is to be present in the moment, outside of unnecessary thought. It is to perceive life without narration. From this space I’m able to acknowledge thought if it pops up, without falling unconscious into a story. When I step outside of surplus thought that is nonessential to my survival, I wake up to life. I cut down on the inner static and am better able to hear and/or feel Guidance. I enter the space of opportunity, and allow novel ideas to surface. I beckon the muse, and open the door to intuition. Reasoning guesses, intuition knows. Lucidity is a living meditation.


Snow Globe Of The Frontal Lobe


The thinking mind is like a snow globe. The tiny specs of glitter that float around inside are like thoughts, beliefs and stories. Stories about who we think we are, and our life experience. The snow globe of the frontal lobe pumps out evaluations, judgements, and opinions. This is the kind of thinking that is unnecessary. Thinking that my life does not depend on. This type of thinking becomes the bubble through which I try to live my life.

Gina Charles' Illustration of awakening to the Snow Globe of the Frontal Lobe

When thought is the foreground of life, reality becomes the background.


To live as our true Selves, outside of the globe of thought, we must switch states. The absence of the mind’s chatty and unfounded supposition, opens the space for clarity to emerge.


In lucidity, reality becomes the forefront of my experience, and thought becomes the background.


I wake up to the bigger picture of my situation. I begin to see reality, instead of the mind’s version of it. I recognize sign posts pointing to my highest good. In this state I have a direct connection to the people in my life, and to life itself. Here, we experience life peacefully, with that subtle, underlying buzz of excitement.

This is authentic living, stepping out of the limitations of unnoticed, unexamined thinking. This is where life gets real, juicy even. This is where the mind stops talking about life, and you experience it.


Step into unbound possibility.


Becoming the eyewitness to thought is a practice worth exercising. When we wake up out of the snow globe of the frontal lobe, we wake up to our lives, and step into the field of unbound possibility, serendipity, and abundance. This is the space of miracles, that have your name on them.

There is a field….I’ll meet you there.


What magic have you experienced in lucidity?


For more on waking up to your life, see: FUEL Your Life, because SHIFT Happens. ;)

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Changing My World

FUEL Your Life, by Gina Charles, Empowering self-help for authentic living

In order for me to grow, or to free myself from painful misinterpretations, I must look inward. Understanding that the controls to this ride are on the inside, is the difference between temporary and permanent change. My thoughts and beliefs are the filters through which I have this human experience. Changing my mind, changes my world.

Finding My Pearl

There is change that we want, and there is change that we do not want. Of
course the more resistance that I exercise, the more difficult and uncomfortable
the situation becomes. That’s not to say that I shouldn’t act. If I respond to
change in anger or fear, I worsen my experience. This is my invitation to take
another shot at unconditional acceptance. I may not like what’s going on, but I
am able to accept that it exists.

I flow with the current of life. I accept and rejoice in opening the gifts of change.

Once I’m able to accept the isness of the moment, no matter how much I’d
rather stuff a sock in it, I empower myself. When I act out of inspiration rather
than resistance, the situation transforms itself. I know I’m acting out of
inspiration when I experience delivering my truths, with no malice or bad
feelings on my part. Once I find that pearl in the bag of poop, I no longer need
the bag of poop. I then recognize change working in my favor. If I don’t get the
gift of the lesson, I’m bound to repeat it until I do. Imagine how empowering it
is to make friends with change. 

-From the book FUEL Your Life, by Gina Charles.


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FUEL Your Life

Gina Charles After almost 4 years, I am so pleased to present my new book, FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening. I have written it with the hope that whoever reads it, comes away with self-empowerment greater than they have known.

Writing it became an invaluable practice of surrender for me. I learned that when I relinquished the mind’s desire to create something, that I witnessed the book become something. It took awhile for my mind to learn that the magical journey begins when the mind shows up and asks, “How can I help, how can I serve?”  There were two ways to write this book. Now I know, and I practice living at the ready. Let the magic begin. ;) 

FUEL Your Life, A 4- Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening

CLICK HERE to view the FUEL Your Life Video Trailer or read an excerpt of the book.


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