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Ah Come On, You Can Do It

Easier said than done! Still, we try. We try to turn off our thoughts in lieu of that silent magical bliss. But remember, what resists, persists. Try this new two-step dance and see if it helps:

-Unconditional acceptance

-Be the Observer

While meditating, be the Observer. Rather than resisting thought, be in acceptance of whatever comes up. Allow the thoughts to come up, and notice them float by like a benign leaf on a slow moving river. You are the Observer, peacefully watching the leaves of thought quietly float downstream.

Each time you notice a thought, turn the spotlight of your focus to your breathing, or to a sound, a smell, or a physical sensation. Keep returning your focus to one of those things whenever another thought floats by.

Just think of it like having an adorable new puppy. Every time he pees on the floor, you just gently pick him up and put him back on the paper.

Good boy, thinking mind, good boy. ;)

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Having Difficulty?


That’s all well and good, but how exactly can I use that to affect my life experience? The first thing I notice is that if I think that doing something about a difficult situation is the solution, I’m missing the point. The point is to recognize the gift. An opportunity for growth, freedom, expansion. Yea, sometimes it comes in the ugliest packages, but the point is to reach in, grab your pearl, and keep moving! How? It’s always simple, not always easy at first, but always simple.

1. Notice your thoughts.

This would be step one, as you really couldn’t do anything about the monster in the closet if you didn’t notice he was in there. Often times, all it takes is to put the spotlight of your focus on a thought.

2. Question your thoughts.

 “After a morning like this, this is going to be a horrible day!” Do I really have any way of knowing that that is absolutely true? Well, no. I don’t. So, it’s a lie. A big fat lie. Now you’re free to move on to an empowering day, open to your highest good. …now go have some fun. ;)

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Those Wonderful Ah-Ha Moments


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Flying Without a Net

Living life like you’re flying without a net is one of the scariest things we can do. ..And it’s the only way to fly. ;)

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Life Purpose

Thank you to More To Life Magazine for a beautiful spread in their Winter 2011 Edition! My article, A Funny Thing Happened on My Way To a Life Purpose, never looked so good! (You can have access to the digital edition just by subscribing for it!)

Also, thank you to Wisdom Magazine for publishing my article in their December 2011 Webzine! 

Many thanks and blessings, Gina


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