The Duality of Magic Wands

What is the duality of our Awareness?

human-experThe duality of this human experience is Consciousness and unconsciousness. When I am awake and aware, noticing, witnessing the stream of mental talkity-talk, I am lucid, I am Conscious, I am Awake, I am on.

When I am no longer witnessing the stream of mental commentary and become submerged in it, I am sleepwalking, unconscious, I’m off. I forget that I am not my mind-made identity, that I am Something much greater. I forget that I’m in a benevolent construct, a lucid dream that’s waiting at the ready for me to awaken to my best life. When I’m off, unconscious, I forget who I am, where I am, and how this place works.


Well That Explains A lot

So our attention, or what we put our focus on in the “off” state, in unconsciousness, while we are submersed in unnoticed, unexamined thought, is what we get more of in our lives. Huh. That’s like running with scissors and one shoe lace untied. But don’t despair, because…. 


Our Attention, in Consciousness, is a magic wand in a field of infinite possibility. 


Authentic Living with Gina Charles - Your focus is your magic wand


It is an enchanted paintbrush, manifesting a human adventure that surpasses the mind’s limited imaginings. 

Recognizing the duality of your magic wand will change your life experience.


Use the power of your Lucid Attention. 


You’re Awakened state is the magic and the mind’s focus is the wand.

Wield your powers for good. ;)


Authentic Living and Spiritual Growth with Gina Charles - Your Awakened focus is your magic wand.


You can find out more about your magic wand, here: FUEL Your Life and Shift Happens. ;)

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