The Promise Of Your Problems

Problems are like the little paddles in a pin ball machine, that influence and guide the ball one way or the other. If the paddle hits the ball just right, it can propel the ball in an advantageous direction. You’re the little ball, and your problems are the paddles that guide you one way or the other.


What determines your direction is your state of being.


If you are submersed in unexamined thought, you mistake the “problem” as threatening, or as an obstacle. This creates resistance and a feel-bad experience. 


Problems and Conscious expansion with Gina Charles

Let’s look through the eyes of opportunity. A problem may be an opportunity to take a stand, or to choose what feels right, over what is expected or easy. A problem is a sign post. A problem is an opportunity to choose what is self-kind. Identifying and honoring your truth is the best place to begin. Honoring your truth always propels you in the most powerful direction.



Ask questions


Ask questions, then wait in silence for the answer to emerge independently from within. The mind must wait for the gut to answer. The questions are to be weighed in the body, not the mind.


  • What is this “problem” trying to tell you?

  • Is it moving you toward a new course?

  • Is it trying to get you to acknowledge what is true for you, and to move toward honoring that?

  • What else is true about the situation that you are omitting, overlooking or denying?

  • What role are you playing in it?

  • What can you learn? 


When you realize, not reason, the answers to some of these questions, the problem transforms itself. Once you get its message, you no longer need the problem.


Problems are escorts to new levels of Consciousness.


EMPOWERMENT: Don’t shoot the messenger, everything serves. 

FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles

From the book, FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles


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