Trust Life



Trust Life. That saying is so cliche. But have you ever gone beyond understanding the definition of the words and really tried it? 

Have you ever had a wordless hunch about something and followed it wholeheartedly, with your inner arms wide open, no questions asked?

Have you ever recognized a blessing in disguise BEFORE the big reveal, and just went with the flow no matter how muddy it seemed to get?

If you have had these or similar experiences, then you have gone beyond the mere definition of words, and have connected with your own power.


This is LIVING Trust.


Going beyond understanding trust into living it, is Authentic living. The best part of stepping out of your comfort zone into Authentic living, is the magic it generates. Serendipitous events pop up. Great ideas pop in. And sometimes you recognize the Universe rising to meet you.


So, trust Life.

It’s free.

You’re worth it.


Any reason to not do it, is a fear-based lie. Accept what the thinking mind offers, and question your way out. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to try something new. It’s time to wake up in our own lives.



Today I will step out of the comfort zone of mental definitions, into EXPERIENCING my life.




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