Turn Down The Static, Turn Up The Guidance

Turning down the unnecessary, unfounded, negative static of the thinking mind, allows us to better hear and feel our own Guidance. 


The first step is to notice thought.


Authentic Living with Gina Charles, beyond mindfulness is Authenticity, Connect with Guidance


Catch thought in action, while it’s chattering in unnoticed, unexamined banter. Now quiet the mind and move its focus to the body. Put your mentally quiet focus on your breathing for a moment. Then move your wordless focus to how you feel in your skin, or notice an aroma, or breeze or other stimuli of the present moment. Ground your wordless focus in the present moment. Listen quietly, wordlessly. 


Perceive without mental evaluation. 


This is the place from which we can hear the whispers of inner Guidance.

Guidance, that is always pointed in the direction of our highest good.

Guidance, that is always patiently waiting for us to wake up out of the unnoticed, negative mental banter.


EMPOWERMENT: Today I will turn down the mental static, and connect with inner Guidance.


Authentic living and spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles,  Quiet  thought and connect to Guidance.

From the book, FUEL Your Life by Gina Charles

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