Waking Up To Your Superpower

I’m happy to share that I’m doing videos for New World Living! Here’s one that I hope resonates with you….

 This one practice can change your life experience.

When I have thought and I don’t notice it, it controls me. Imagine that, thought controls me because I don’t notice it.

“If you’re dominated by thinking then your life becomes very restricted.” -Eckhart Tolle


Developing the ability to notice thought is one of your superpowers. -Gina Charles

EMPOWERMENT: Today I intend to wake up to thought.

  • Notice how many times today you NOTICE thought!

  • Notice how much thought you’re having.

  • Notice what kind of thought you’re having.

  • Weed out the old, negative mental chatter – all the stuff that weighs you down, holds you back, and disempowers you. 

…..Now you’re getting the picture! And now you can make great change in your life. 

Wake Up To Your Superpowers - Gina Charles for New World Living


You can watch this video on the New World Living website, at: https://nwllifestyle.com/blogs/new-world-living/waking-up-to-your-superpower

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There is another way to have this human adventure. -Gina Charles

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Gina Charles writes about spiritual awakening and authentic living with wit and practicality. She is the author and illustrator of, Shift Happens, A Layperson's Guide To Awakening, and FUEL Your Life, A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening. Gina is also the founder of the New World Living dot com.
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