What is Awakening and Authentic Living?



The Human Experience

Here we are, floating in and around

each others lives. We experience this place,

and each other, from within a world of our

own. A world confined to overlooked,

unexamined and unnecessary thought. The

good news is, we can trade all this for an

Authentic life experience.



What Awakening Is Not

  • Awakening is not about adding a spiritual label to a personality.

  • Awakening is not about becoming enlightened.

  • Awakening is not about getting, making, building or collecting anything, even information.

  • Awakening is not about changing your life to get the things the thinking mind wants.

Thought, Authentic living, spiritual growth and awakening with Gina Charles


What the thinking mind

wants is to enhance its identity,

and strengthen the box.



What Awakening Is

  • Awakening is the experience of the separation of thought and Self.

  • Awakening is the falling away of that which no longer serves.

  • Awakening is becoming your true Self and discovering life purpose.

  •  Awakening is the ability to recognize our Truths.

  • Awakening is the ability to recognize feel-bad experiences as opportunities for Conscious expansion.

  • Awakening is the intrinsic ability to identify unconsciousness and head it off at the pass. (Unconsciousness: to be submersed in unnoticed, unexamined thought and rote behavior that keeps us stuck.)

  • Awakening is waking up to find that you could do the thing that you couldn’t do. You notice that you are not sad, anxious, or angry anymore. You know peace and freedom, beyond the concept.

  • Awakening is discovering that you can step out of pain and suffering.


What Is Authentic Living

When I honor my Truths, I flow with the current of my highest good. This is Authentic living. Authentic living facilitates Awakening or Conscious expansion.

Over time, my efforts toward self-growth and healing have evolved into a 4-point foundational practice. I flow emotion, exercise unconditional acceptance, am the eyewitness to thought and emotion, and I practice lucidity (perceiving, with little to no mental commentary).

These practices have been the precursor to  powerful realizations that have offered a way out of pain and suffering, and the clarity of a new way to have this human adventure.


FUEL is for anyone, anywhere, anytime. I share it with you here:



F – Flow emotion
Today I will live my life from the inside out.

U – Accept Unconditionally
Today I will make reality my friend and teacher.

E – Be the Eyewitness
Today I will be the eyewitness to thought, so that I may discard those that do not serve.

L – Step into Lucidity
Today I will practice lucidity, so that I may connect to Guidance, Intuition and Life itself.


  • It’s time to evolve beyond the self-made identity, and to Awaken into that which we really are.

  • It’s time to go beyond the concepts, into higher Intelligence.

  • It’s time to start living in peace, abundance and joy, individually and globally.


It’s time to Awaken and live Authentically.



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