What To Do If You Can’t Get Over It

It happened, but it’s not happening right now, and yet you’re still hurting.

While mentally submersed in a painful story, you suffer. Mentally detached from the story, you are free.



The mind’s unwillingness to see beyond the story is the resistance that holds you captive. Be willing to see a bigger picture, recognizing what the mind may have overlooked. Giving even just one of the following practices a shot, may be just the crowbar the mind’s resistance needs.


Flow Emotions

Flowing Emotion is not a retelling of a story.  This practice entails witnessing wordless emotion at the same time you are experiencing it. You may momentarily grieve, mourn or sob. Watch it. Do not fall into the story. Allow emotion to rise and melt away, all in mental silence. The transformed energy is personal rocket fuel.


Accept Unconditionally

Acceptance does not mean you like or agree with whatever happened. It simply means that you accept that it did happen. This frees up the energy being wasting on resistance, to be better used elsewhere. In acceptance, you open the door to miracles. Go with the flow, because the flow goes toward your authentic freedom, healing and happiness.


Be The Eyewitness

Intend to wake up to the thoughts romping through your head. Notice them. This empowers you to recognize untrue thoughts. It enables you to discard thoughts that do not serve, rather than just have and believe unnoticed, feel-bad thinking. It allows you to put out the fire, instead of getting lost in fighting the smoke. Be the Eyewitness to thought.


Practice Lucidity

To be lucid is to mentally step out of the perpetual mental commentary. It is to experience the present moment with a quiet mind. Lucidity is a direct connection to Guidance, and to your own power, Self. To be Lucid is to perceive without analytical evaluation. Lucidity is a living meditation.


Rinse and Repeat

You possess the innate ability to experience each practice. Choose FOR you, you’re worth it.

Rinse and repeat until realizations rise up independently from within, and pain and suffering fall away. Rest assured, somewhere in what hurts lies the gift of growth and empowerment.


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