Which Reality Are You Experiencing?

2 Ways

thought-bubbleI’ve noticed that in this place of duality, there are 2 ways to do, be or have everything, because we have 2 states of being. We are either Aware of our bigger picture, or we are submersed in unnoticed, unexamined thoughts and beliefs.



The Messenger

Realization, spiritual awakening with Gina Charles

Luckily, the messenger of  feel-bad shows up unfailingly, to help wake us up out of our complete association to thought.



Wake Up!

Conscious expansion, our reality vs. actual Reality,spiritual awakening with Gina Charles.

Today I intend to notice the messenger of feel-bad, and recognize it as a tap on the shoulder to help wake me up to the Reality of my bigger picture. Here’s to a sunny day, without the shades. ;P



conscious expansion and spiritual awakening of authentic living with GIna Charles


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