Why Isn’t This Working?

Let’s talk about the concept, or the Universal Law, that our life experiences are a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs that we hold on the inside of ourselves. What we think and believe on the inside is projected outward into what we call our life experiences. It’s like a mirror of sorts. Why is it like this? To give us the opportunity to see where we can grow, empower and free ourselves. 
With this mirror concept in mind I could see what a futile attempt it is to reach outside of myself to make any changes in my life. That would be like taking a hair brush and trying to brush the reflection of my hair that’s in the mirror, and wondering why it’s not working. The controls to this ride are on the inside. When I change something on the inside, something on the outside will change. 
Questioning our thoughts, unconditional acceptance, processing our emotions or being in the present moment, moves enough stuff around on the inside to yield the life of our dreams on the outside. 

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