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Hi, I’m Gina Charles! I write about an alternative way to experience this human adventure. This website is dedicated to you finding your power, and LIVING it.



What is Authentic Living?

  • Becoming who you really are outside of the mind-made identity.

  • Stepping out of unnecessary pain and suffering.

  • Changing old programming that keeps you stuck.

  • Responding, rather than reacting to life.

  • Experiencing enhanced relationships.

  • Living your life on purpose.


How Can I Live Authentically?

Introducing the new book by Gina Charles, FUEL Your Life

FUEL Your Life

A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening

is the newest book by author and illustrator Gina Charles. The book examines the limitations of thought and rote behavior, and provides a 4-point practice as a means of creating positive change and self-empowerment. The FUEL Your Life process is an authentic living lifestyle, and an awakened state of being.


The Authentic Living Blog


This is where we get into it. This is where we light the journey back to Self. We are expanding into our best lives, one realization at a time. Your comments and insights are welcomed! Join the conversation!


The Authentic Living Podcast


LISTEN IN on a mini-episode for a quick dose of empowerment! We are moving into our optimal lives, one smile at a time. ;)






FUEL Your Life A 4-Point Practice To Spiritual Awakening by Gina Charles


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To Help You FUEL Your Authentic Life….

Check out the video for the newest release! FUEL Your Life.

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